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Squirrel Repellent: Pitfalls of Trapping and Relocating Squirrels

Trapping and relocating squirrels or even using a squirrel repellent is not really a good idea. This will only lead you to the direction you wanted to avoid, that is, to increase their population. Yes, it does not sound like it makes sense, but it is the truth. You will be solving your squirrel invasion problem only for a short amount of time. In order to learn more about this issue and see why this should not be done, keep on reading.

How can this method increase their population?

If you decide to trap and remove squirrels, it will only be a temporary solution. Of course, you will remove one or several squirrels, but, for that time, other squirrels from surrounding areas will come and replace them. Since a population of squirrels suddenly decreases, it means that there is more food for those that remained. As a consequence, more food means producing more babies at a younger age. They will naturally try to fill the void which was created by the removed animals. Basically, this means that, if you get rid of one squirrel, you will be inviting others- they will move in and start reproducing.

Trapping is bad for the squirrels

The first thing that comes to mind when you realize you have a squirrel on your property is to trap it and get it off your property as soon as you can. But, you need to bear in mind that this is not a humane way to deal with them even if you are letting them go and not killing them. This means that, once they nest in your home, they get accustomed to a particular lifestyle- they know they have a reliable food source and a warm shelter. In case you remove them, they will have a hard time trying to find a way to survive. This is not helping them since the change in environment can be lethal to them- their habits will be changed and they may starve to death.

Watch this squirrel mom travel with her young.

Prevention is the best solution

Since you already know that trapping squirrels will not help you in the long run, here are some pieces of advice for you to prevent squirrels from invading your property. They are tiny, which means that they can use any hole or crack in order to make their way in. You should be aware of all the cracks and holes around your home and repair them. Also, you should regularly trim the trees in your yard so that they are unable to nest there. In addition to this, also maintain seed and bird feeders in order for them not to have access. But, if all of these techniques fail and a squirrel family decides to call your home their own, your best option is to contact a professional.

A company who can be of great help to you is Skedaddle

Even when you have done all of the things we suggested, you should check both your house and yard on a regular basis. In this way, you will see whether there are any squirrels you need to get rid of and if you need to call a professional. If it happens that your property is invaded, contact Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control immediately. Do not trap and relocate squirrels or even use squirrel repellents. Skedaddle is a reputable company that will make sure no animal is hurt during the whole process of removing. You can be sure that squirrels will be neither killed nor poisoned since Skedaddles technicians do not use toxic chemicals. They are experienced and dedicated to their work which means that they are highly reliable and effective. Get in touch with Skedaddle today and ensure your property is free from squirrels for good.

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