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We're here to help throughout
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We're here to help throughout the COVID-19 issue. Read More..


Durham Bed Bug Removal

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Why You Might Have Bed Bugs


The main stereotype of a bed bug problem must be that you are a poor housekeeper or you have poor hygiene to have an infestation, this is simply untrue. Bed bugs have adapted well to live with humans and invasions into your personal space have no bearing on your homes current condition.


These blood suckers are extremely good hitchhikers and can easily travel from place to place in human belongings such as luggage, folded clothes, bedding, furniture, and boxes and can also hide in discarded furniture and electronics that people unwittingly bring into their homes.

Peak bed bug season is typically between June and October, when Canadian weather is warmest and the insects reproduce fastest.


Start with a free home inspection!

The first step, to a bug free home is having one of our Professional Pest Specialists come out and complete a full home inspection to determine your insect problem.

How our bed bug treatment works!

Identify and Eliminate

Starting with a full, in-depth home assessment, we will identify what type of bed bug problem you have, and provide a clear, precise treatment plan to get rid of them. All of our bed bug sprays are environmentally friendly and placed in areas of the home where bed bugs are common and in spots where bed bugs thrive.

Clean and Control

The second stage of our process is the clean up and control of a bed bug population! Depending on the affected area, we will remove any dead bed bugs as well as any food sources they have gathered, and put into place multiple bed bug control measures to keep those insects at bay, making the space clean and safe for children and pets.

Monitor and Protect

The most important part of our pest control process is continued monitoring and protection of those possible entry points where bed bugs are getting in your home. The best way to do this is through our four season pest control program for bed bugs. As the pest treatments and other tools we use are environmentally friendly and safe for pets and family, this means they need to be maintained to stay effective.

Reasons To Treat Your Bed Bug Problem Immediately


Bed Bug infestations can be one of the hardest to eliminate.  They multiple fast, and sleep close to their food source, blood.  One treatment is often not enough to eliminate an invasion for good, consider making the choice for year round protection.


Once your Skedaddle Pest Control technician has found evidence of a bed bug infestation, the area will need to be prepared for treatment. Our bed bug control program features a thorough and effective treatment that pushes control material into seams, cracks, and voids where bed bugs hide. All of our products are registered with Health Canada ensuring that they meet Canada’s high standards for health and environmental safety.

Year Round, Four Season Pest Control Program

The Skedaddle Four Season Pest Control Program focuses our pest management efforts based on the seasonal activities of bed bugs impacting your environment.  During each season, our pest control technicians will re-inspect and reinforce material  barriers inside your home to keep bed bugs out!  If you experience a re-emergence of bed bugs in your home, regardless of season, our Four Season Pest Control Program is here to protect you.

Spring Protection

Spring Pest Control services generally take place during March, April and May. Spring is when insects will increase in population. Our treatments focus on reducing their ability to reproduce.

Summer Protection

Summer Pest Control treatments usually happen between June and August. This is when bugs are most active and when new insects are maturing. Summer is prime time for bugs to hunt for food.

Fall Protection

Fall Pest Protection is completed from September to November and insect treatments focus indoors. As the cold temperatures start, we focus on keeping bugs out by sealing up possible entry points!

Winter Protection

Winter Pest Control runs from December to February. We continue the insect treatments indoors by eliminating existing pest problems with naturally occurring products to prevent future insect invasions.

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