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Wildlife Control: Proper Clean Up after Animal Infestations

When your home is invaded by wildlife such as raccoons, squirrels or rodents, you can expect to find quite a mess. That mess can include fleas, feces, ticks, nesting material, lice and much more. It goes without saying that this type of contamination should be treated immediately and accordingly. Otherwise, it can produce odour, mould, reduce energy efficiency, damage insulation and many other nasty consequences. Of course, you should under no circumstances do it by yourself. Instead, it is advisable to hire an expert in professional wild animal control since you are likely not aware of all the places the damage was done.

Proper Clean-up is Essential

The first step that needs to be taken when you realize there is wildlife in your home is to have it removed as soon as possible. Not only can it cause extensive damage, but it can also attract other animals or insects and make the damage even greater. There is also a possibility that your home will be contaminated with highly dangerous parasites or viruses, posing a serious health risk to you and your family. To prevent this from happening inside your home, you should consult with professional wildlife experts. Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control, in particular, has experienced and trained technicians who can clean and clear all the contaminated materials from your home.

Skedaddle is one of the only wildlife control companies that offer full attic restoration.

Benefits of Cellulose Insulation

In the event that your current insulation is contaminated, the experts from Skedaddle can replace it by using cellulose insulation. Do not worry- putting this kind of insulation does not mean bad news for your bank account. The fact that it contains 87% recycled content makes it the greenest insulation product today. Its structure effectively blocks air- much better than fiberglass – and, in that way, saves money and energy. In addition to this, cellulose insulation does not allow any harmful pollutants or chemicals to enter your home. Another thing that is great about it is the fact that it is pest, mould, mildew and fire resistant.

Avoid the Temptation of DIY Wildlife Control

First of all, there is a great possibility that you will miss some places in your house where clean-up is required. Those can be, for example, spots inside your attic, in ceilings, bathroom fan vents and even behind walls. This is precisely why it is advisable to hire a professional wildlife removal company like Skedaddle. Our technicians perform a complete inspection of your home and check every nook and cranny. By doing this, we know which parts need to be treated and in what way. If you attempt this on your own without any proper training, you could actually risk spreading the contamination further into your home. If you, for example, neglect to clean the fan vents in your bathroom, it is likely that the damp air will lead to a mould issue in the future.

Professional Intervention is Crucial

The moment you notice or even suspect, there are animals like raccoons, rodents or birds in your home, you should take immediate action. This means avoiding the temptation to remove them on your own since it can be dangerous. Instead, it’s best to get in touch with wild animal control professionals and let them help you with your problem. Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control has experienced technicians who can expertly clean and clear your entire home swiftly and effectively. The best thing about Skedaddle is that we are truly a ‘green’ company, and have stayed true to that principal for more than 30 years. Get in touch with Skedaddle today and let the pros solve your invasion problem and consequences with authority.

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