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Protecting Wildlife Babies with Humane Removal and Exclusion

If you live in an area that is shared with wildlife, chances are you have or will face intrusion in your home as the animals try to survive alongside human beings. Often, these animals will take shelter in your home and use the space to nurture their young. When this happens, you may require the services of humane wildlife removal teams to get wildlife animals off your North York property.

Wildlife babies in Your Home

Wild animals such as squirrels and raccoons will sometimes nest in your home in spaces such as the attic. The attic is ideal for them because it is safe as it provides protection from the elements and predators. It also offers them privacy and warmth. Very often, the animals that seek refuge in people’s homes are expecting mothers. They give birth and nurse their young in the dens and nests they create in spaces such as your attic. Others like skunks are more reclusive and tend to shy away from human spaces. But while skunks may not enter your building, they will occupy caverns beneath sheds and other outdoor spaces.

As they mature, wildlife babies wreak havoc in your home. Their urine and feces collect and encourage faster than normal decaying of the buildings structure. As they practice the skills they need to survive outside, your building pays the consequences. Squirrel babies will begin to use your attic’s wooden parts as practice material as they sharpen and control their ever-growing front teeth. In addition to the damage and mess, they create wildlife babies make inhabitants of a home uncomfortable by the noises they make.

The Importance of Humane Removal of Wildlife babies

Non-humane removal of wildlife babies often results in their demise.  This is an even more serious problem for endangered species. Inhumane removal may also employ tactics that are illegal exposing the property owner to fines and other legislative consequences.

Humane removal provides wildlife babies with the best chance of survival. With humane removal, the main objective is reuniting babies with their mothers on the outside of your building so that the nurturing can continue elsewhere.

When DIY Removal of Wildlife Babies Goes Wrong

Choosing to remove wildlife babies yourself can prove quite difficult. This is because some species such as raccoons tend to be very secretive and as such will find hard to detect or reach spots to house their babies. You may be boggled by the first step in the removal process, which is locating the babies!

If you attempt to remove wildlife babies from your property you may be putting yourself and the animal at risk. Delicate babies may be unintentionally harmed while being moved because you are not familiar with their biology and needs. DIY removal of wildlife babies is usually extremely challenging especially since wildlife mothers are particularly aggressive during their nurturing stages. This is why attempting to remove young squirrels or raccoons by hand could result in you being scratched or bitten by a furious mother who is protecting her babies.

Expert removal of Wildlife babies

Without a doubt, removal of wildlife babies from domestic spaces is best done by the experts. Expert humane wildlife animal removal teams like Skedaddle, know how to safely take wildlife babies off your North York property. We are able to combine years of training in wildlife behaviour and biology with extensive experience in the field of wildlife removal in order to yield the best results. The wildlife technicians at Skedaddle are able to detect when it is safe to remove babies and are able to do so gently and humanely.  If the mothers are still inside they know how to lure them away to avoid confrontation. They will place babies in specially designed containers that replicate the conditions of the nest or den and put these containers in strategic locations to allow for a reunion with the mother.

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