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Part 2: 5 More Raccoon Facts that You May Find Interesting

Raccoons are found throughout much of Canada and many homeowners have frequent problems with raccoon infestations on their properties. Because raccoons can carry rabies and are typically aggressive, contacting a professional raccoon removal company like Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control is often the safest way to take care of the problem. In our last article, we talked about some facts regarding raccoons. Here are more interesting traits of these furry animals you should know about if you are at risk of a coon infestation.

Removing Raccoons From Your Property: Important Facts To Know


In our last article on raccoon facts, we mentioned that they are skillful, love city life can survive anywhere, are very intelligent and can move at incredible speeds. As if these weren’t reason enough to have a professional raccoon removal company on speed dial, here are some more facts you should be aware of if dealing with a raccoon infestation:

  • These masked critters have special paws
  • They can produce over 50 different noises
  • They are nocturnal
  • Raccoons also have a special name
  • They do not have life-partners

Raccoons Have Special Paws


The front paws of raccoons each have five toes that function as human fingers. Their human-like paws are the reason why raccoons are so notoriously adept at lifting the lids off of trash cans, scavenging for food and being able to easily grasp things. Their paws are also full of nerves that make them extra sensitive. Because of all of this, their paws are unique and allow them to be very adaptable and troublesome for most homeowners, which is why professional raccoon removal is needed if you have a raccoon problem on your hands.

Raccoons Can Produce More Than 50 Different Noises 


According to several studies, raccoons are able to produce more than 51 completely different sounds that communicate specific things. Raccoons with rabies, for example, can be heard making high-pitched squeals, while younger raccoons often exhibit squealing and chirping noises. New born baby raccoons will cry day and night and will cause homeowners many sleepless nights if they are inside the attic.

These critters also often growl, purr and hiss when competing for food. Removing raccoons from your property with the help of Skedaddle or other wildlife removal companies is essential if you hear any of these noises in or around your property.

Raccoons Are Nocturnal Animals 


Raccoons are most active at night and actually sleep for the better part of the day. You may have possibly heard myths that claim that seeing a raccoon scurrying around during daytime is a sure indication that it is rabid. However, you should remember that this is not true. There are a number of reasons why raccoons may be awake during daytime hours. For example, mother raccoons may find it difficult to keep an entirely nocturnal schedule while also looking after litter of babies and may find it easier to find food during the day.

Coons Actually Have A Special Name 


The neo-Latin or scientific name for raccoons is Procyon lotor. It is translated as “before-dog washer.” Despite having no connection with dogs whatsoever, scientist Gottlieb Congrad created a separate genus for the species in 1780, which he named Procyon (“dog-like”). Surprisingly enough, one animal that raccoons are a close relative of is the bear family. The English word “raccoon,” however, was derived from the Proto-Algonquian language. It offers an accurate description of the species and is translated as “one who rubs, scrubs and scratches with its hands.”

Coons Do Not Have Life-Partners 


Raccoons actually have more than one mating partner, unlike other animals that mate for life such as beavers and wolves. Additionally, female raccoons typically mate with only one partner while male raccoons will try to mate with multiple females each season. The mother raccoon is entirely responsible for raising her newborns as the males have nothing to do with caring for their offspring.

Need Professional Raccoon Removal Services? Consider Skedaddle 


Removing raccoons from your property is a job for experienced professionals as raccoons can be aggressive and have babies in many instances. Tackling raccoon removal the DIY way may lead to injuries for both the animal and yourself. Instead, contact an experienced professional like Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control. Skedaddle’s technicians are experienced professionals trained in applying only humane removal methods and reuniting baby raccoons with their mothers. With nearly three decades of wildlife removal experience throughout Canada, rest assured Skedaddle is the right choice for you. Contact Skedaddle today and ensure your home is safe and sound, just like your unwanted visitors.

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