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Raccoon Fun Facts Plus Expert Removal Methods

Highly intelligent and curious by nature, raccoons have the potential to become a nuisance for homeowners. They can very easily cause structural damage in search of food, make a mess by tipping over garbage cans and destroy gardens. Since they are nocturnal and can hide almost anywhere, the recommended solution is professional raccoon removal. Here are some fun raccoon facts:

  • Raccoons possess an uncanny ability to open latches, bottles, doors and even jars as a result of their amazing dexterity.
  • They communicate with each other by using between 12 to 15 different calls and over 200 different sounds.
  • Adult raccoons live in loosely knit communities of 4-5 raccoons for better protection against predators and become independent after 12-14 months of age.
  • Females can give birth of up to 6 baby kits in April or May and are ferociously protective of their young.
  • Raccoon activity peaks during spring, summer, and fall and will sleep through most of the winter in their dens.

Raccoons mating season is Spring time. They love a warm attic to make home.

Expert Removal

The highly trained technicians at Skedaddle begin each removal process with a thorough inspection of the home during the birthing season. Raccoon babies cannot be chased away from the attic, as they are immobile and must be removed by hand. We take careful steps to ensure the safety of the babies and mother, they include:

  • Locating the den
  • Securing the Mother
  • Remaining calm
  • Ensuring you have the entire family

Locating the Den

To protect their young, mother raccoons will go to great lengths to find a safe shelter. If the area of infestation is an attic, finding them means crawling through a cramped space full of fiberglass and raccoon feces. Simply put, experts must go where the wildlife go in order to find them. That is one reason why a professional approach to removal is always recommended.

Securing the Mother

Trained Skedaddle experts use their eyes and ears to find and remove baby raccoons. Of course, when they handle the babies their mother is never too far behind. Mother raccoons are very aggressive when defending their young and also complicate things when they pick up the babies with their mouth and run off to another part of the attic.

Remaining Calm

It is very important to stay calm and collected when dealing with a mother and her babies to make sure the removal is effective and safe. Once the technicians have all the babies, they are reunited with the mother outside of the home. From there, the mother can take them to one of her alternate den sites.

Raccoons are very intelligent and capable of clawing and chewing through many structures.

Making Sure You Have the Entire Family

Using hands-on methods when dealing with raccoons is not only humane but effective. It also reduces the likelihood of further damage to your house. It’s very important to make sure to have all the babies before repairing the raccoon’s entry point. If the mother thinks they are still in the attic she will try to find a way to them, causing damage to your home in the process.

Also, trapping and removing the mother is not a humane or effective solution. The kits are so dependant on their mother that they will not be able to feed themselves, eventually causing them to starve to death.

Need Professional Help? Contact Skedaddle

If you have a need for professional raccoon removal services, contact Skedaddle. The company has been in business for nearly thirty years and employs an expert team of technicians. Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control focuses on humane removal methods and techniques, making them the ideal choice if you’d like to remove the furry invaders but ensure they are completely safe. Get in touch with Skedaddle today and make sure your home is raccoon-free.

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