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Raccoon Population Exploding In The GTA- How Skedaddle Can Help Protect Your Home

Raccoons are mammals known for their grey fur, dexterous front paws, and facial mask. They are small, intelligent animals that can be found living in cities throughout Ontario, especially in Etobicoke. Raccoons get their distinctive mask when they are ten days old. Although they are admired for their intelligence and ingenuity, these attributes are what makes them so difficult to remove when facing an infestation in your home. This nocturnal species prefers to make its den in warm dry attics, crawl spaces and areas around the roof. Because it’s difficult to distinguish between healthy raccoons and ones with rabies, professional removal is always required.

Raccoons are always on the hunt for food. Use preventative measures outside.

In 2017, the city of Toronto reportedly had an estimated raccoon population of one hundred thousand. That number is so big that many now call Toronto the raccoon capital of the world. There’s no clear indication that number will be dropping soon. Their growth rate seems to be unchecked, and that makes a lot of city dwellers uneasy.

There is evidence that the raccoon infestation began in 2002 when the city launched its “organic bin” program, which separates compostable waste in green bins. The bins, however, quickly became popular with raccoons who would tip them over in order to get at the food inside. With ample food sources, these creatures flocked to the city in large numbers.

Why The Sudden Population Boom

Raccoons are omnivores, they feed on grubs, insects, small animals, compost and so on. They are also opportunistic scavengers that will eat anything they can find in the garbage. By not locking the bins at night, the cities residents were helping the raccoons get their food and thrive.

Raccoons sometimes may be lost and can end up in your home.

How is the City Addressing the Problem

In 2014, Toronto city officials considered making the raccoon population smaller by euthanizing them, but nearly half of the city residents decided against it. When they noticed that the raccoons were using the green bins to feed themselves, the city officials made new, green bins with locks which were harder to tip over. The city also said that where necessary, the residents should contact professional animal removal companies.

How Can I Remove the Raccoons on My Own

For safety reasons, it’s best to not try and remove the raccoons yourself. Forcibly removing an animal from your property is considered illegal and inhumane. It is best to leave the raccoon removal process to the experts, especially if you suspect the animal may show signs of being infected with rabies.

Dealing with Raccoons? Contact Professionals

Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control Services has been in the animal removal industry for nearly thirty years. Their technicians have the required skills and training to remove and clean any form of infestation you may be experiencing. With over 200,000 satisfied customers to date, Skedaddles humane removal of the animals is a proven success. If you need raccoon removal in your Etobicoke home, be sure to contact Skedaddle.

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