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Summer Animal Control: Raccoon Proof Your Garbage Cans

Waking up in the morning only to find your trash bin knocked over and its contents scattered all over your yard can be frustrating. What’s more frustrating? Waking up to that scene one morning after the other. If this is what you are going through at the moment, chances are a raccoon is responsible for the stress. This means you are in need of professional wildlife animal removal services, even though there are a couple of things you can try to do yourself first.

Know Your Raccoons

Before you go out to get your hands on all the necessities to deal with your raccoon intruder it is helpful to understand why raccoons are often the culprit when it comes to toppling over garbage cans. Here are some reasons why raccoons are so successful when it comes to making a mess.

  • Raccoons are omnivores and will eat just about anything they can find including human food scraps
  • Raccoons are active mostly at night meaning they’re able to forage for food in garbage cans while most of us are asleep
  • Raccoons have amazingly dexterous paw which gives the ability to pry open lids
  • Raccoons are persistent and intelligent, demonstrating the ability learn how to open humane mechanisms

DIY Raccoon Prevention

Raccoons tumble a garbage trash

The simplest way to remove raccoon temptation from your property is to place your garbage, green or compost bins out of the raccoons’ reach. This is best done by keeping them in secure confined spaces similar to enclosures, sheds or garages. This will not only help with wild animals visiting your property but can be beneficial when it comes to confining odours associated with garbage.

Additional tips may include purchasing a lock or strap to keep those trash lids on tight or waiting until pick up day to put garbage outside. Aside from physical barriers, some homeowners have even had success by freezing their garbage to help reduce its odour until they’re ready to be put it outside and making sure to regularly wash and scrub out bins.

Repellents like mothballs, ammonia and store bought granules are often touted as the cure to keeping raccoons out but in reality they tend not help much in the long run. Hungry raccoons will put up with foul odours to get a meal and UV, wind and rain tend break these repellents down over time.

If all your efforts have not worked against your masked invaders, you are left with but one option: professional help.

Raccoon Problems On Your Property? Call Skedaddle Right Away

When in need of professional wildlife animal removal services, look no further than Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control. Skedaddle has been in the humane wildlife removal business for nearly three decades and has helped thousands homeowners to date. Raccoons are highly intelligent and sneaky, but can also be dangerous and aggressive if you attempt to get rid of them yourself. That is why your safest bet is to contact Skedaddle if you have a raccoon problem on your hands. Call Skedaddle today and ensure your family is safe and your property raccoon-free.

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