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Raccoon rabies in Quebec

Rabies quickly spreads throughout mammals. It’s transmitted through contact with an infected animal’s saliva. This can happen when the skin is broken by a bite or saliva gets into your body other ways. Quebec are trying to keep the province relatively rabies free. But, it’s difficult with recent outbreaks in bordering provinces and US states.

Low-flying planes to drop vaccines to raccoons

Hundreds of thousands of rabies vaccine packets are being dropped by planes flying over the Montérégie and Eastern Townships. This is an attempt to keep Quebec rabies free. The Ministry of Forestry, Wildlife and Parks is dropping 600,000 baits in densely wooded areas. In more populated areas the staff will distribute the bait by hand.

Designed to be little treats to raccoons they are an alternative to other vaccinating methods. The baits look like ravioli or ketchup packets with a sweet smell. They hope that other species will consume the packets. People shouldn’t eat them.


Raccoon mother and babies in the attic

The last reported case of rabies in Quebec was in 2009

A recent rabies outbreak in New York State has prompted the government to be on alert for the easily transmitted virus. There’s a fear rabies could jump over the border. The province has been annually dropping vaccines since 2006. It has proven to be the most successful method of controlling the disease.

Rabies in other parts of Canada

The virus has most commonly been found in Ontario and Saskatchewan. Recently, there have been multiple cases of rabies discovered in southern Ontario. The province saw rabies arrive from New York in late 2015. Now, the virus has been confirmed in 128 mammals including raccoons, skunks and bats.

Rabies prevention

  • Keep a safe distance from living and dead animals.
  • Don’t feed wildlife.
  • Supervise pets while outdoors.
  • Make sure pets are properly vaccinated.
  • See your doctor immediately after coming into contact with a wild mammal and report the incident to public health.
  • Remove food sources from your property.

Evidence of raccoon entry at the soffit.

Montreal raccoon removal

Living with raccoons inside your attic, chimney or elsewhere on your property puts you at risk for coming into contact with the rabies virus. If you have signs of raccoon activity on your property you should reach out to a professional racoon removal service.

Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control technicians have the training and tools needed to safely remove raccoons. Our proven process includes, removal, clean up and repairs against future incidents.

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