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Raccoons in Action while you Were Sleeping!

Do you know everything that’s taking place in your home at night? If you live in an area with an active wildlife population, chances are you could unknowingly playing host to animals entering the home. Not unless you are protected by high-quality reinforcements that keep wildlife out of your home. Some wildlife that gets into your home space are more active in the night than in the day. Among the animals that spring into action at night are raccoons. These unwanted guests often trigger calls to animal control experts for raccoon removal.

Raccoons are nocturnal, often doing most of their food hunting at night.

When You Turn Out the Lights, Raccoons Take Over

As you slumber at night, your uninvited animal guests start to rummage around, usually in search of food. Raccoon’s, for example, are foragers and though they build up body fat to help with survival in the winter, they still do some amount of eating. A lot of the damage is, therefore, being done while you are blissfully unaware that you even have an invasion.

Nighttime Action for Raccoons

If you happen to be up at night, that’s when you are likely to see and hear the signs of an animal infestation. Scurrying sounds in your attic basement or walls reveal that little animal feet (mice, raccoons etc.) are travelling throughout your home. If the animal present is a raccoon, you will likely also hear scratching sounds. If these activities take place during the winter, then raccoon presence is even more likely as these animals seek out warm dens during cold seasons.

But figuring out if uninvited wildlife are sharing your space is still quite difficult. For one it may require you sacrificing a few nights of sleep to listen and look for the signs. Additionally, the only sure way to determine which animal is in your home is to have a professional inspection completed. This is why it is important to enlist the help of experts like those at Skedaddle to accurately assess the space and diagnose infestation problems if they exist.

Raccoons will move from den to den at nighttime, with up to 10 den sites per neighborhood.

Let Skedaddle Help You get a Peaceful Night’s Sleep

When Skedaddle steps on the scene, our wildlife technicians search likely areas for animal occupation as a part of a detailed property evaluation. Our team can uncover infestations during the day (when animals are less active and therefore less likely to be detected by the untrained eye). Our expert’s knowledge of animal behaviour helps us to determine whether animals are present and where they are nesting. We know for example, that raccoons sleep during the day and forage actively at night, so when we come to do the evaluation during the day we look for nests of sleeping raccoons in covert spaces.

Once our team has identified the animal that you are dealing with, they get to work strategizing a plan of action to clear your space with limited negative impact on you or the wildlife. If nature’s masked bandits are discovered to be the invaders, our team will implement a customized raccoon removal plan. This plan will include total removal of the animals and signs of their presence (nesting material, urine and fecal matter etc.) along with the installation of protective facilities to prevent future invasions.

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