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Raccoons during the day

Sometimes animals do strange things. Out of the ordinary behaviour. We all know raccoons prefer the night, but sometimes we see them stumbling around the day. They’re not totally bound to the rules we impose on them. Raccoons are their own creatures with different priorities. Don’t always assume they always abide by their common characteristics.

Raccoons are mainly nocturnal

Darkness is where they can be found. For the most part raccoons forage, wander and explore during the night. This is why we sometimes wake up to a destroyed garbage container. With little to no knowledge of how it happened and the culprits long gone.


A raccoon’s hands help them to climb on roofs.

Every once in a while raccoons appear during the day

This isn’t incredibly rare. And it doesn’t always mean they’re wounded or sick. Many times raccoons will be around in sunlight if they’re rabid. They become lethargic and have little awareness of their normal habits. Injured raccoons also might be spotted in the day. Mainly they’re in pain and searching for safety. However, this isn’t always the case either.

Raccoons will sometimes come out of their dens to forage food. It’s not always dopey or sleepy. They act relatively normal. In many circumstances raccoons will search for a day snack if they’ve been up all night looking after their babies. Females have a greater responsibility with a family. There are more mouths to feed. So, they might break their normal hours and need to find a greater supply of food.

Also, baby raccoons are curious. They’re still learning and seeing everything for the first time. Sometimes they can become impatient and wander out the den during the day. They will start to become accustomed to the area and environment outside their home. It’s part of their education in growing into an adult raccoon.

Signs of a raccoon infestation

  • A strong and weird smell.
  • Damage to outer areas of your home.
  • Strange noises such as rustling, scratching or whimpering (usually at night).
  • Regular raccoon sightings around your home.

    A raccoon entry point where the soffit meets the chimney.

    Oakville raccoon removal

    Raccoons can quickly become a nuisance if they decide to den on your property. They get into garbage. Live in your attic or chimney and cause lots of damage and contamination.

    If you discover signs of raccoons in your home contact Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control. We’ve been helping Oakville homeowners remove raccoons since 1989. Our methods are endorsed by the Oakville/Milton Humane Society.

    Call us today to learn more about our proven process to remove and exclude raccoons. 1-888-592-0387.

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