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Raccoons Using Ridge Vent to Enter Attics

Raccoons Using Ridge Vent to Enter Attics

Ridge vents are popular attic entry points for raccoons, squirrels and mice.


Part of being a wildlife control professional is spending a lot of time on roofs. After all, that’s where the animals are usually getting into a house. Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control visits thousands of homes each year, giving us the chance to see first-hand the latest trends in roofing technology. In recent years, the use of ridge venting has become more popular, especially in new home construction.

Ridge venting provides continuous attic ventilation across the entire peak of a sloped roof as opposed to rectangle or circular vents that only allow air to escape through isolated areas. Homes with cathedral or vaulted ceilings, where there is limited space for air circulation, receive the most benefit from ridge venting. Beyond functional appeal, ridge vents have the added benefit of being nearly invisible when looking at the roof from the ground.


With more and more homes using ridge venting to circulate attic air it’s no surprise that clever raccoons, squirrels, mice and bats have begun to use them as an access point. The trouble with ridge venting is that the shingle capping that covers the hole into the attic is held together with just a few roof nails. All that warm are from the attic is very appealing to wildlife and as you can see from the video, it doesn’t take much for a raccoon to lift the shingles and find a cozy new home inside your attic. Squirrels easily chew through the exposed shingle edge and mice squeeze past the fibrous weather guard with ease.


To avoid costly wildlife and weather damage inside your attic, it is important to secure any ridge vents found on your roof. A little prevention goes a long way. Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control’s technicians can animal-proof your home’s ridge vents with heavy gauge steel screening that allows your attic to breath and keeps animals where they belong.

If you believe that your attic is home to unwanted animal visitors then connect with Skedaddle today. We start by performing a comprehensive assessment of your home’s exterior and attic and provide you with a written copy of our findings. We promise to get the animals out and guarantee that they won’t be able to get back in. Best of all, our workmanship and materials are guaranteed for life.

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