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Rats in Halifax on the Rise

ratRodents, such as rats and mice, just need a tiny hole to gain access inside a home or business, and can also enter through sewer lines. Once rats have established a route, a pheromone trail acts as a guide for other rats to follow.

This past winter in Halifax, there was a large accumulation of snow throughout the city and surrounding areas. This means once the warmer air creeps in, a thaw causes moisture to build up and creates numerous water sources for rats to survive and thrive on.

Water, as well as trash, are what keep a rat population booming. There are also plenty of homes and businesses in the Greater Halifax Area that have not properly secured their building against such intrusions — creating a virtual revolving door for rats.

Rats will chew for recreation (rodent teeth need to be kept at a manageable length), but they will also chew as a means to access areas where food exists. Keeping pet food and groceries sealed up in pantries, as well as checking plumbing for leaks, and checking for gaps in the foundation and siding are some preventative measures you can take against a rat and mice infestation.

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