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Reasons Why DIY Wildlife Control Usually Doesn’t Work

Trying to handle a wildlife problem in your home on your own may not be the best answer. Many people try DIY strategies or techniques when dealing with an animal infestation. Unfortunately this is not the right approach for several reasons namely the fact that infestation control is not as simple as most assume it to be. Let’s further explore some of the reasons DIY wildlife control usually doesn’t work and why professional and humane wildlife prevention services are best for animal invasions at your Etobicoke home.

Failing to Determine the Scope of the Invasion

Many people assume that once they spot a mouse or any other unwanted animal in their home, all they need to do is lay down some bait or spray the place and the problem will be fixed. Not so at all.  DIY animal control methods often either underestimate or overestimate the scope of the infestation. This leads to either the overuse or underuse of the treatment selected. Excessive use of chemical treatment can harm the health of pets and people who live in the house. On the other hand, using too little of the selected treatment usually results in an incomplete animal removal process, allowing the infestation to continue and spread.

To make matters worse sometimes the nature of the invasion is misinterpreted. This leads to the wrong type of treatment being used. A prime example is some people who use rodenticide for raccoon problems when raccoons really aren’t rodents and a result the treatment is ineffective.  Unlike certified wildlife technicians, the average citizen is not trained to identify species and subgroups within species, a crucial step in evaluating the type of invasion and consequently the appropriate treatment option.

Dangerous Novice Blunders

Little things like misreading or ignoring the instructions that come with the commercial treatment being used can render DIY infestation management ineffective.  Failing to use the commercial treatment properly can also be detrimental to the health of the people and pets that use the space. Very often pets and people become the unintended victims of poisons and traps that have been set for unwanted wildlife intruders. The safety of the person attempting DIY animal control is also a concern as the homeowner may need to reach high areas and potential falls from ladders may be a result if not handled properly.

Additionally, a novice wildlife remover is also more likely to be outsmarted by the animal than trained and experienced professionals. Traps and baits are often evaded when they have not been installed by professionals. Remember that these animals are genetically wired to escape and avoid predators and threats to their survival.

#DIY goes beyond plugging a holes, there is also the clean up and sanitization of both inside and outside the home.

How the Experts Do It

Expert humane wildlife control teams use a process to tackle home invasions. This process begins with a detailed evaluation of the space to determine the nature and scope of the invasion. Accurate identification of the species being targeted and the extent of the infestation allow the wildlife technician to adequately and appropriately plan a removal and prevention strategy.

The special training in animal behavior allows the expert wildlife technician to be able to predict the movements of the animals and therefore lessens the chances of theme evading the removal tactics. It also allows them to develop strategies that will keep the property free from invasion in the long term. When DIY methods are used , a recurrence almost always occur soon after the treatment has been applied. With the help of expert humane wildlife prevention strategies, Etobicoke properties are able to remain free of wildlife intruders.

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