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Remember When Removing Squirrels, They Often Have Two Litters!

Many people aren’t aware of the fact that female squirrels can actually give birth twice a year: once in the spring and again later in the summer. A litter of babies is one reason why squirrel removal services can get complicated during the birthing season. Understand squirrel biology and their reproductive cycles is important, as in many cases squirrels find the attics of homes particularly convenient to nest and have their young.

Removing Squirrels Takes A Professional Approach


When talking about removing squirrels from one’s home, it is crucial to remember that the first litters are typically born between mid-March and early April. However, what many people don’t know is that squirrels typically have two litters per year. The second one is usually born in the summer, which can make things problematic if overlooked. In case you’re using the DIY approach to squirrel removal and you forget to look for the second litter, you could create a massive problem for yourself.

Squirrel babies are born hairless and with their eyes closed.

Squirrel babies are born hairless and with their eyes closed.

The humane approach is to remove the baby squirrels and let their mother retrieve them outside the home after her entry point has been blocked. Failing to properly remove baby squirrels can have unintended consequences for homeowners.

Some well intentioned do-it-yourselfers might think to block off the hole the squirrel is using after seeing it exit the house. This approach really only works if you’re sure there’s only one squirrel and that can be tricky with such a long birthing season and multiple litters to consider.

Locking a mother squirrel from her babies can cause her to chew at your home, causing damage to shingle, wood and aluminum roofing materials. It will also result in the inhumane death of a litter of babies squirrels in your attic or walls. They will rot and decompose in your your house this could then attract various insects and bugs, as well as lead to sanitation issues. Not to mention that the odour tends to be so severe that it might easily reach into your home.

Squirrel Removal MUST Be Done Humanely And With Care


Plastic roof vents are easily chewed and allow squirrels to enter the attic space below.

Plastic roof vents are easily chewed and allow squirrels to enter the attic space below.

In case you are unable to find the babies yourself, which happens all the time since most people aren’t aware that they are supposed to be looking for another litter in the first place, you will have to hire a professional. Squirrel removal in general is a task that’s always best left to professional humane wildlife removal services. The main goal is to rid the homeowner of their wildlife issue for good and also to complete that task in the most humane way possible. That means:

  • No killing of the babies or the mother squirrel.
  • No relocation of the babies so that the mom cannot find them afterwards.
  • Always use a baby-reunion box or similar tools to keep the babies safe while the mother relocates them to one of her other den sites in the area.

Again, this is something that professional wildlife and squirrel removal companies like Skedaddle are familiar with. Skedaddle has been in the wildlife removal business for almost three decades and is perfectly capable of handling any wildlife problem you may have. Call Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control today and let the professionals do the heavy lifting safely and in the most humane way possible.

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