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Effective Solutions for Removing the Nuisance Raccoons From Your Property

Raccoons are woodland creatures that most homeowners do not give a second thought to, until they spy one in their neighbourhood. While raccoons do call wooded areas home, they are more likely to be found close to human settlement, as cities and suburbs provide an instant food source and comfortable dens. As a homeowner, it is essential that you learn how to prevent raccoon infestations as well as how to remove such pesky creatures from your property if they gain entry.

A raccoon entry hole into an attic through a gable vent

Raccoon Prevention

Raccoons tend to make a home their own when they find an area for their den or instant food source. Raccoons have nimble paws that can easily open doors or garbage cans. Be sure to lock all entry doors as well as keep garbage cans that are located outdoors locked up tight. This way, you are not providing an easy food source or instant access to your home. Bird feeders can also be enticing to raccoons so be sure to watch for any activity. You may have to remove bird feeders for a while so the raccoons will move on. Raccoons are nocturnal creatures so you will only see activity at night. Raccoon control services suggest that you add motion lighting to the outdoor areas of your home. As a raccoon approaches, the light will turn on which will scare the creature away.

Thermal cameras can help identify where raccoons are behind walls. In this case the glow above the window indicates where the babies are and the purple blotches are cold spots where insulation has been compacted by raccoon activity.

Raccoons can also use your home as their own personal living space. If raccoons can gain access to your attic space, they will use this area of the home to create a den. Be sure to trim off any low hanging branches near your home so they cannot easily access your roof. Porches and deck areas are also prime den spots for raccoons.


If you find that a raccoon is living in your home, then you will need to ensure the creature is removed. Raccoons can carry infectious diseases as well as damage structural components and materials within your home. To ensure that you and your family remain safe, have the raccoon removed by a professional. Raccoon removal services in Toronto will see the raccoon and any babies removed from your property.

Experts in raccoon removal know just what to do in order to remove the creatures from your home in a humane way, and ensure the animal does not gain entry once again. The technician should provide preventative maintenance to close off any entry points to deter raccoons from trying to gain access to your home in the future. With quality removal service, you will not have to worry about an intrusion within your home in the future.

At Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control, we specialize in wildlife removal, including raccoons. Your home will be free and clear so you can go about your daily life as normal. Repair service will be recommended if needed after the raccoon is removed as well as preventative maintenance provided. Keep your family safe and your home protected by allowing our trained wildlife control technicians to handle your raccoon problems. Contact our office whenever you have a raccoon problem.

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