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Rexdale Wildlife Control: Removing Mice from Your Camping Trailer


As summer takes over, many families will be heading out into nature for an adventure. Many of them will head out in an RV to facilitate extended stays in the natural space. But for mice in the area, they will see your RV as the perfect place to find food and shelter. You are still not safe from mice intrusion if you use trailer campers or pop-up ones. If you thoroughly examine the options available though, you’ll recognize that humane wildlife removal is the best option when you need to get rodents out of your Rexdale home or RV.

Finding Mice in Your Camper

If your RV has mice chances are there are mice in your home as well. This is especially true for those who keep their RVs at home. Even if your RV is stored elsewhere it is possible for mice to get in with the items you move in for your trip or while you are out in the wild. In fact, many campers (especially those owned by city dwellers) are stored in rural areas where ample space is available. This means that mice can get to them easily. Either way, you still have a problem because mice in the RV can ruin a trip or worse, be transferred to your home when you get back from your trip.

Mice Don’t Make for Great Company

Mice ruin your plans because they put the safety of your food in jeopardy. They can also carry diseases, which is no surprise considering the conditions in which they live, and they harbour an unpleasant odour wherever they nest. Imagine coming down with a rodent-borne illness in the middle of your camping trip? Not a pleasant thought, right? Their sharp teeth can also do considerable damage to camping equipment and the wiring in your camping unit.

Camping unit

Protecting Your Camper From Rodent intrusion

You can help to discourage mice from visiting your camper by reducing or eliminating the things that will attract them, such as leftover food. Especially those leftover hotdogs or marshmallows you roasted over the fire will peak their interest, thanks to their excellent sense of smell. But unfortunately, this usually isn’t enough to keep them at bay. They are very persistent survivalists who will find other reasons to make your camper their new home.

You can also prevent rodent intrusion by ensuring that the door and windows are tightly shut while the unit is in storage. Other potential access points (such as the underside, roof ac units and the edges of slides) should also be checked and covered or closed to ensure that animals cannot get in. At the end of the day though, your best bet against rodent intrusion is to get expert help.

Expert Solutions for Your Camper and Home

Expert humane wildlife service providers like those at Skedaddle can help you get mice out of your RV and home safely. Our technicians conduct thorough RV and camper inspections to detect rodent presence and craft strategies to remove them. Humane wildlife removal is best because it eliminates the use of harmful chemicals and other substances that may hurt you or a member of your family. This is important especially for those many Rexdale RV owners who have children. Skedaddle will get your RV rodent free and help you to keep it that way.

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