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Removing Squirrels From Your Attic

When it comes to your attic space, you most likely don’t spend much time thinking about what’s up there. While out of sight and out of mind, unwanted intruders such as squirrels might want to use your attic as their home. Attics are an easy area in which squirrels can gain entry as there are usually vents or small openings that squirrels can wiggle or chew through. With the help of low hanging branches, squirrels can call your attic home, moving in and out to gather food and nesting material.

A plastic roof vent chewed by squirrels as seen from inside the attic

As the homeowner, it is important to learn how to avoid squirrels in your attic as well as what to do if you have a squirrel problem in the home. Squirrels have a tendency to damage the home, chewing up wiring, wood beams in the attics and adding urine and feces to insulation. By learning what to do, you are able to avoid this issue in the home or at least have it solved quickly.

Squirrels in the Attic

Attics are inviting spaces to squirrels as they offer warm shelter and a place to be free of predators. Squirrels learn how to access attics by using low hanging branches, utility wires and other structures that are located near the roofline of your home. Their natural curiosity leads them to openings in wall vents or soffits where they find the nice and cozy attic. Insulation and twigs and leaves serve as nesting materials and you will soon find that squirrels have had babies and are now calling your attic their own.

An attic completely destroyed by squirrel activity

You may not notice an infestation of squirrels until damage has already been done. Squirrels will scamper around in the attic space or within the walls, so if you hear tiny footsteps or odd noises, chances are you have a squirrel problem.

How to Remove Squirrels from the Home

Squirrel removal is best left to the experts. Individuals who are trained in squirrel removal know how to remove squirrels and babies, ensuring your home is not infested with the creatures in the future. To begin, a technician will assess your home to determine if you have a squirrel problem. The technician will be looking for signs of nesting along with travel pathways, entry and exit points. All of this is important information to catching the squirrels as well as future prevention.

Once the information is gathered, the technician will enter the squirrel’s den, pushing them out through their entry point and gathering any young babies. Squirrel babies are then reunited with their mother outside of the home so that she may relocate them to one of her other den sites. Squirrels keep multiple dens in any neighbourhood.

Preventative measures will be taken to ensure that squirrels cannot gain access to the home once again. This will include sealing off entry points, making your home inaccessible to squirrels. The area where the squirrels were living may need to be repaired including the installation of new insulation. The technician will make suggestions so that you can get your home in proper working order once again.

When squirrels enter your home, contact the professionals at Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control for assistance. We are happy to provide you with quality squirrel removal service. Our technicians are happy to serve you and prevent such infestations from happening again in the future.

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