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Rexdale Humane Wildlife Removal: How Squirrels Get Inside

When squirrels enter your home, it can be a recipe for disaster. Squirrels are very common in some human populated areas, and this makes interactions with them inevitable. Unfortunately, some of these interactions may spring from squirrels’ invasion of your property. Experts recommend that gentle and safe removal and prevention strategies be used when wildlife are in conflict with the human way of life. When in need of humane wildlife control, Rexdale property owners’ best bet is to call in the experts.

Arming Yourself with Squirrel Knowledge

If you know how and why squirrels make their way inside your property, you have solved half the puzzle of how to prevent squirrel invasions. One of the first things to know is that squirrels are very determined and they will stop at nothing to get to their goal, especially if that goal is a stash of food inside your attic or garage. The savvy little go-getters have been known to, in extreme cases, chew through metal to get into spaces.

Popular Building Entry Points for Squirrels

Squirrels have a tendency to establish holes as entry points in certain areas. These areas include roof edges. When roof edges soften as a result of years of exposure to the elements, they become easier to chew through. Roof vents that are covered by plastic are also vulnerable to squirrel penetration. Squirrels also get into buildings through gable vents, uncovered chimneys, the intersections of roof soffits where there is often a gap or overlap between the material and the roof and plumbing mats.

Squirrels have special teeth that allow them to chew through just about anything!

Think You Might Have a Squirrel Problem? Here are the Signs

You can easily determine that the wildlife species which is encroaching on your space are squirrels by observing a few signs. The first sign is usually in the form of holes along the entry points typically used by the animals to get into the building. Woodchips and ripped insulation are evidence that one or more squirrels have been chewing on the material. Droppings and urine deposits also reveal animal presence in the home. An expert wildlife technician can evaluate the space to confirm the presence of squirrels.

Why Squirrels Make Poor House Guests

Once squirrels have made their way inside, you will face the challenge of not just the nuisance they bring but also the damage that will lead to hefty repair bills if not addressed promptly. Squirrels scurry and rummage around building their nests and this ultimately creates noise. They also deposit fecal and urine which can undermine the integrity of the structure and harbour diseases. In addition, the animals have powerful teeth that they use to chew through insulation, plastic pipes, and electrical wiring.

Keeping Squirrels Out

Potential weak points should be checked periodically to ensure that they remain breach free. Repairs and reinforcements should be done promptly to ensure that squirrels and other animals don’t get inside. Expert animal control specialists like Skedaddle are able to effectively squirrel-proof the potential access points on your property and, in so doing prevent invasion. Our prevention methods are also backed by a lifetime guarantee.

Expert Squirrel Control

If the signs around your home point to a squirrel invasion, the last thing you want to do is to attempt a DIY wildlife control plan. This could make the situation worse and put both you and the invading squirrel in harm’s way. Your best bet in a situation like this is to get expert animal control technicians to address the situation. As they search for expert solutions to their squirrel invasion issues, residents are encouraged to opt for effective and efficient humane wildlife control services like Skedaddle for their Rexdale properties.

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