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Wild Grey Squirrel Animal

Rexdale Wildlife Gearing up for Fall

Rexdale wildlife citizens are gearing up for fall. Are you prepared for what’s coming? Through the use of humane wildlife prevention, Rexdale residents can protect their spaces from invasion with a clear conscience knowing that they have done their best to prevent harm from coming to the animals and at the same time used methods that do not conflict with city and provincial regulations.

Squirrels are still active and common to see during fall weather.

Fall in Rexdale- Wildlife Seeking Refuge

The signs of approaching fall are also signals for Rexdale’s animal population to start preparing for a few months of cold climate and scarce food. For some wildlife, the cold season coincides with the birthing and nursing phase of their lives. For female wildlife, in particular, this makes securing an ideal winter home an even more important priority as fall approaches.

How Rexdale’s Wildlife Animals Behave Before As They Face Fall

Rexdale wildlife, like many others across the country, will get more active as fall approaches. Some animals, mainly the flying ones, prepare to migrate to warmer climates until the cold season passes. Since most other animals remain, Rexdale residents should look out for an increase in wildlife seeking refuge from the cold. Mice, squirrels, raccoons, and chipmunks are among those who will try to enter your home. Some animals, like squirrels and chipmunks, will start to stockpile food to sustain them throughout the long winter. This can be quite a fascinating operation to watch, as long as their storage spaces are not in your home.

Many wild animals mate during the weeks leading up to fall, which is one of the primary reasons many seek out homes for the fall and winter- they need safe spaces to give birth and nurse their young.

During Fall is when your most likely to spot a raccoon than other urban animals.

How Property Owners Should Prepare for the Fall and Winter

For expert humane wildlife prevention, Rexdale homeowners can rely on Skedaddle. We are trained and experienced in the use of humane wildlife exclusion techniques. We are also passionate about humane wildlife control so we ensure that our barrier technology is designed to effectively keep Rexdale wildlife species out of your home without causing them harm. We also provide you with specialized instructions that if followed will help to keep animals away from your space.

We also take special care to ensure the survival of the young animals that may be nesting with their mothers in your home. They are transferred carefully to containers that keep them warm and safe until their mothers come to retrieve them. Animals that need additional care are taken to clinics to be nursed back to health. Since may attempt to return to your property at a later date, we usually recommend the use of our protective services to keep them out. These services come with a lifetime guarantee, so you can rest easy for years to come.

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