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Concerns Arise as Rodent Control Service in Wales Becomes a Commodity

Concerns Arise as Rodent Control Service in Wales Becomes a CommodityWhile most rodents may be small, these critters may carry various dangerous disease pathogens. Rodent infestations have been found to cause hantavirus pulmonary syndrome or HPS, a deadly disease accompanied by fever, severe muscle aches, and fatigue. In Wales, budgetary cuts made in council pest control services have made residents more susceptible to HPS and attendant complications. Rodent populations flourish unhindered when pest control services dwindle.

According to BBC News’ Gemma Ryall, more than a quarter of Wales’ councils have begun charging people for the needed rodent control service, which was not the case six years ago: when only one council charged for the service. Now, one council even stopped offering pest control services altogether, making health experts such as those from The Chartered Institute of Environmental Health or CIEH in Wales deeply concerned about the welfare of residents.

Wildlife control companies like Skedaddle stress on the importance of eliminating rats from the household. Aside from being disease agents, rats can also destroy valuable property, including home appliances and house fixtures. CIEH Wales director Julie Baratt is unsure whether individuals are willing to pay to have these pests removed, despite the service being a necessary measure to preserve the well-being of inhabitants in the area.

Baratt fears that the penny-pinching public will try to take matters in their own hands by purchasing poisons and traps to get rid of the vermin themselves. Doing so can be dangerous, as only expert pest control officers like those in wildlife control companies have the knowledge and experience to properly wield pest control tools without inadvertently inflicting damage. Improper use of rodenticide could result in new progenies of poison-resistant rats which would be even more difficult to get rid of.

Wildlife control companies like Skedaddle that employ squirrel repellent and other animal control solutions do not resort to harming creatures just to rid homes of pests. Their services are not only respectful to life, but also reduce the risk of unwary inhabitants such as children mistakenly ingesting potentially lethal substances. This is another good reason it is not advisable for Canada’s residents to use pest control equipment from Do-It-Yourself stores.

As the saying goes, it is not wise for one to bite off more than he can chew, especially if he is dealing with creatures that can gnaw their way into his system. When faced with a plague of rats, it is always better to leave the pest control to the experts.

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