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Why Have a Rodent Control Service handle Industrial Facility Work

Industry NewsThe British Broadcasting Corp. currently has its hands full with a rodent infestation at the company’s new home – Broadcasting House in Portland Place, London. The company transferred its TV operations to the building upon finishing its nearly 53-year run at Television Center at Wood Lane on March 31st this year. Because mice have all but overrun the broadcast facility, network managers have been tasked to firmly stamp out the threat in the new workplace.

The fact that a business facility like Broadcasting House is festering with furry vermin is of great concern to employees and visitors alike. The personnel want to go about their jobs without having to scream and jump up every time a mouse suddenly dashes in front of them. Cute and engaging they may seem, mice are actually filthy animals that can spread deadly illnesses like leptospirosis and parasite-borne infections. Home damage and risks to health that accompany an infestation require effective rodent control service from companies like Skedaddle Wildlife. The need for professional pest control is even more acute if the facility’s organic personnel cannot adequately cover the entire building in an attempt to exterminate the mice.

A rodent control team begins by conducting a thorough evaluation of the entire site in coordination with the facility’s management. A team consists of wildlife technicians who are familiar with the various entry points for rodents. Facilities like Broadcasting House often have kilometers of cable of various gauges, and extensive plumbing. These are potential locations for rodent nests that must be found and eliminated. Obviously, nobody would want a signal or power outage because a few mice bit away at an important segment of cable.

Conventional rodent control is typically associated with traps and the application of poison at targeted areas. However, these could do more harm than good because the animals could die and decompose in sequestered areas, thereby leading to more health problems. A credible control team will do its best to safely capture the pests without killing them, and humanely remove them from the location.

The concern for humane handling of animal pests seems more justified when dealing with encroaching squirrels. Like mice, these rodents have been known to bite through electrical wiring insulation and other home materials. Squirrels do a lot of gnawing because it is their nature to chew things frequently to wear their incisors down, lest the teeth outgrow the animal’s skull. A pest control company like Skedaddle Wildlife can safely remove the furry animals and install mesh screens at known entry points, plus set up humane squirrel repellent. Long-term protection solutions will also be taken into consideration.

A high-value location like the BBC Broadcasting House – indeed, any commercial facility – needs adequate protection from external threats or even internal ones like animal pests. Keeping them out keeps everyone inside safe, including the furry creatures, themselves.

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