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The Dangers of Rodenticides

The Dangers of Mouse Poison

This video was taken by one of our pest control technicians during a mouse call in Hamilton, Ontario. This homeowner had been struggling with a mouse infestation for a number of years before seeking professional pest control services.

As part of their efforts to rid themselves of mice and rats the homeowner purchased rodenticides from their local hardware store. Mouse poison is pretty dangerous stuff and not something you want to leave laying around your house.

The mouse poison came in blocks and was deposited by the homeowner under their oven. This was the spot where they had consistently seen the most droppings. Mice love areas like these because they are dark, tucked away and are seldom cleaned so there tends to be a lot of crumbs and food particles available.

As the video shows, the problem with placing mouse and rat poisons in your kitchen is the risk for dangerous cross-contamination. When a mouse eats poison it can take several days or weeks before they eventually die a slow inhumane death. That lag time gives the mice plenty of opportunity to move dangerous poisons to other places inside the kitchen. Not only will mice deliberately move poisons to more preferred locations, they will track it all over food and cookware on their paws, fur and in even in their droppings.

Solving a mouse infestation takes knowledge, skill and experience. Throwing a bit of poison around your home won’t get the job done and can be unhealthy for yourself, children and pets. At the first sign of mouse activity be sure to consult a professional like those at Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control. Our licensed and trained technicians implement customized mouse control strategies that are both safe and effective.

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