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The Secret to Avoid Being Sprayed by a Skunk? Stay Calm!

Being sprayed by a skunk is no fun at all. In fact, it is one of the most uncomfortable wildlife interactions you can have. But did you know that skunks are not trigger happy with their spray either? Not at all. They prefer not to spray you since it takes up so much energy and the substance is so difficult to accumulate. To make matters worse, the smell of skunk spray also affects skunks. Meaning they will only use their spray when they feel threatened. Therefore, it is wise to use skunk prevention on your Oshawa property to minimize your risk of getting the infamous spray all over you.

Ontario’s Skunks at a Glance

It is true that skunks are not as popular in Ontario as other animals. They are not always seen because of their shy nature and the fact that they are fewer in numbers than many other wildlife animals. Even though skunks are common in Ontario, you should never let your guard down with these animals as the spray is difficult to remove and if contact is made with your eyes may render you temporarily blind.

Their elusiveness can be attributed to their reclusive nature as the animals prefer to hunker down in their dens (which are typically located under porches, decks or sheds or in the cavernous sections under woodpiles) instead of roaming the streets of the city. They do come out sporadically for food though since urban adaptation has caused them to remain close to the city primarily for the food it provides.

How to Prevent Skunk Interactions

A fence that runs at least one foot underground helps to keep skunks at bay. The depth of the fence will help to thwart the efforts of animals like skunks that might dig tunnels to get onto your property. Skunks and other wildlife animals may wander into your home if doors and windows are left open so keep them securely shut and consider using exclusion screens.

You should also prevent skunks from establishing dens under spaces such as sheds and decks by blocking off all potential access points. Motion activated sensor lights help to deter skunks so you may want to consider installing a few in your yard.

Skunks are attracted to rotting fruit so if your property has fruit trees, ensure that fruits are not left on the ground to rot. The same goes for garbage which may contain food.

Suddenly Face to Face with a Skunk? How to Avoid Getting Sprayed

A skunk will reserve its spray for a perceived threat. This means that the skunk will only release the spray if it feels threatened or if it is startled. The best thing to do when you are facing a skunk, therefore, is to remain calm in order to avoid startling the animal or seemingly posing a threat.

If you can anticipate the signs of an impending spray you may also be able to avoid getting hit with the offensive fluid. Skunks tend to stamp their hind legs before a spray release. This is an indicator to swiftly leave the vicinity of the animal before it is too late.

When you Need The Experts

If skunks have made their home in your domestic space, you need expert intervention for a safe and stench free removal. Skedaddle’s humane wildlife services are among the expert services available to help Oshawa resident handle their skunk invasion problems humanely and safely. Our technicians are trained and experienced in the art of approaching skunks without startling them or triggering their defensive action. We also offer high-quality skunk exclusion devices and installation that will keep the animals away from your property. Skedaddle also offers skunk prevention services for its Oshawa clients.

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