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Signs That You Have A Raccoon To Remove From Your Home

Being sure that you are in need of raccoon removal services is sometimes not as easy as it may seem. For most people, anything short of seeing an actual raccoon on their property or attic can be confusing. On one hand, if you’re hearing loud thumping from your attic, chances are you have a wildlife intrusion problem. On the other hand, you could have wildlife in your attic even if there are no strange noises. The real question is – how can you be sure?

Raccoons climbed this brick corner to push in the aluminum soffit

Raccoons climbed this brick corner to push in the aluminum soffit

There are many ways of checking whether or not you require raccoon removal services. The following are just a few of the easiest and most obvious visual cues that can help you determine the situation.

  • Raccoon tracks in the snow during winter
  • Fecal and urine stains
  • Damaged fascia or soffit
  • Holes on your roof

Raccoon Tracks In The Winter Are A Sure Sign You’ll Need Professional Services


If there is one good thing about snow in the winter, it is that it is your friend when it comes to discovery raccoon activity. Raccoons are mainly active at night but snow makes it easy to spot raccoon tracks on your roof or leading to their den during the day. Raccoons start mating in January and typically give birth to kits between mid-March and May. Raccoon removal is pretty much unavoidable if you are seeing constant raccoon tracks through the snow on your roof. Keep in mind that it is best to call a professional in these situations.

Fecal and Urine Stains Are A Dead Giveaway Which Results In Having To Remove Raccoons Immediately


While raccoons don’t typically urinate or leave their droppings where they sleep, they do so in other areas across your attic. The reason why this is dangerous is that almost 80 percent of all raccoon droppings contain roundworm eggs. If ingested by a human, they can be very dangerous. So, if you see dark stains in your attic or even coming through the ceiling, that’s bad. Stains on your ceiling from raccoons means they’ve been living in your attic unnoticed for a while. The solution? Contact a professional service for raccoon control, which will not only clean and sanitize the damage, but also prevent the critters from re-entry.

Raccoon tracks leading directly to their entry below this deck

Raccoon tracks leading directly to their entry below this deck

Damaged Fascia Or Soffit Are Also Signals That Shouldn’t Be Ignored


Damage to fascia and soffits is the most obvious clues that your home is suffering from a raccoon or other wildlife infestation. As with a number of other signs, the best solution here is to contact a professional who will remove raccoons from your attic and prevent their re-entry. Raccoons are strong enough to bend and push open aluminum soffits to access the attic. If you notice damage to your siding or soffits it could be the result of raccoon intrusion. In addition to removal services, you will typically require roof and attic repairs as well. Needless to say, both the removal and the repairs are best left to professionals, especially when heights are involved.

As Far As Raccoon Removal Signs Go, Holes On The Roof Are Pretty Self Explanatory


Even if caused by weather, holes in the roof are perfect entry points for raccoons and other wildlife. If they happen to find them, rest assured they will use them to gain access to the inside of your attic. It is a good idea to inspect your roof periodically for holes and other weaknesses and have them repaired as soon as possible. Even small holes and openings that might seem harmless can be made larger by the dexterous paw of a raccoon. Houses are built to withstand tough weather but ignoring regular roof maintenance is basically an open invitation for wildlife to come into your home. If that happens, all you’re really left with is hiring a professional wildlife control service like Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control.

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