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Signs That You Should Call a Mice Removal Service

Mice appear to be cute creatures but most homeowners do not want them taking up residency inside their home. Yet, mice still do! Mice are one of the most common creatures to enter the home and in most cases, the homeowner has no idea until weeks or months later. It is important for homeowners to learn the signs that mice are present to ensure that the mice problem can be dealt with quickly before getting out of hand. Below are a few signs that indicate a mouse problem as well as what mice removal services can provide.

In the Cabinets

One sure sign that you have a mice problem can be seen in the food cabinets. Take a look at your food cabinets or pantry often. Have you noticed any packages are ripped open? Mice are not afraid to work for food and will often chew into boxes or bags of processed foods. If you find that food packages appear chewed on or have actually been eaten, then you have a mice problem.

Mice Droppings

Another common sign of mice in the home is mice droppings. Mice tend to leave tiny trails of feces wherever they are traversing. You should see droppings in your food cabinets or pantry, along the wall lines of the home, etc. If you begin to see tiny black pellets around your home, then a mouse or several mice are living alongside you.

Mouse evidence in bathroom cabinet

Seeing Mice

Of course, the most common sign that you have a problem is actually seeing the mice. Once you have spotted mice in your home, it is time to get to work. While you could place traps in the home to catch the creature, it is more humane to hire wildlife control services. Not only can the technicians remove the mice from your home and relocate them but they can also determine where the mice are getting in so that your home can be serviced to avoid the problem in the future.

Wildlife Control Services

Mice removal services are a specialty of wildlife control. The technician will arrive at your home and assess the situation. Once the pathways in and out of the house are found, the technician will install one-way doors that allow the mice to exit but prevent their re-entry. Sealing can be done in other areas where the mice could gain entry into your home to prevent future infestations.

It is recommended that you do not leave out food on the counters overnight as that is basically a calling card for mice and other creatures. Crumbs and leftover food should always be placed in a garbage can so that mice and other creatures do not sense a food source.

If you find that you have mice living in your home, contact Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control for mice removal services. Our technicians are happy to help and remove any mice that may be living in your home uninvited. Contact our office today for a consultation for removal.

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