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Signs You May Have Bats in Your Attic

Signs You May Have Bats in Your Attic

Bats are small but they can cause serious damage to your home. We see bats primarily in attics, however they can end up in a number of places, including behind walls, in drop ceilings and other dark corners of the house.

Their droppings can contaminate the home, and if there happens to be a large colony, sometimes you end up with dead bats. These two issues, if left unresolved, can cause quite the headache when trying to eliminate the smell and clean up the mess.

Signs you have bats in your home:

  • Piles of droppings on your property
  • Dark, greasy stains at peaks and gaps near roof
  • Droppings on roof, in valleys or eavestroughs
  • Seeing a bat in the living space is a prime indication of a larger issue elsewhere
  • Hearing flapping or high-pitched squealing coming from walls, the attic or ceiling spaces

These are a few common signs of bats in a home, but certainly aren’t the only signs. Although attics are the most common place for bats to roost, every house is different. The best way to prevent bats from coming inside is making sure the home is safe on the outside. That’s where we come in.

You can call us to do a full assessment of our home if you suspect bats. You may have existing issues or simply want to prevent one in the future. Our trained technicians will go over the best options for your home and give you a detailed quote.

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