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Skedaddle Pickering: Expert Squirrel Removal

Your home is your safe haven from the demanding and fast-paced world in which we live. It is also your source of serenity and relaxation. But home can become an uncomfortable bother when squirrels invade.

Wild squirrels are cute and exciting to observe… from a distance. When they find their way into your home, that’s when they don’t seem so cute anymore. First of all, they are a nuisance. But worse is the fact that they pose serious threats to your safety and well-being once they’ve breached the walls of your home.

Did you know squirrels build nests? Sometimes in a BBQ?

Why Keep Squirrels Out

Regular squirrel-like behaviour that fits in the wild environment becomes very damaging when taken into the residential space. Squirrels damage property as they seek nesting spaces and forage for food.  The noise they make scurrying about along with the mess created when they forage in your garbage and food storage areas, costs your peace of mind and sanity. But they also damage your home and its fixtures.

Additionally, these furry little rodents gnaw and scratch their way into your property, enlarging existing cracks and holes and creating new ones where none existed previously. Once inside, they will chew on a number of different items, including electrical wires, which creates an additional safety hazard.

Like many other wild creatures, squirrels are vehicles for numerous diseases. Their presence in the home environment means that you and your family are potentially exposed to Lyme disease, Leptospirosis and a number of other ailments.  Considering that Lyme’s disease can cripple the nervous system and Leptospirosis is potentially deadly, squirrells inside your Pickering home is to be avoided at all costs.

How to Keep Squirrels Out

Your best bet is to keep them away, and to do this effectively you need the experts. A team who knows the squirrels of Pickering well and can devise and implement strategies to keep them at bay. That team is undoubtedly Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control.

Squirrels give birth to “kits.”

By opting to use Skedaddle’s thorough and efficient squirrel removal, Pickering homeowners are essentially securing the sanctity of the home environment. We do detailed assessments of squirrel infestation focusing primarily on the extent of the occupation, the number of access points and the lures that are attracting squirrels into your Pickering home.

Then we determine the best strategy for removal based on the evidence gathered.  Removal is both thorough and humane, with priority being given to ensuring that the methods used do not expose you your family or the squirrels to unnecessary harm.

Once removal is complete, our team moves on to the protecting and preventing stage of the service. This is where we remove evidence of squirrel presence that may harbour bacteria and viruses.

After engaging Skedaddles’ service for squirrel removal, Pickering homeowners can rest easy in the knowledge that their haven is being comprehensively protected from squirrels.

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