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Skedaddle Pickering Skunk Control Removal Methods

Skunks are among those wildlife critters whose presence in the residential space is particularly troubling. Not only do they make the residents of the home uncomfortable, but they also present some health and safety threats. Since Pickering’s skunk population is somewhat large and active, property owners have crossed paths with them quite frequently. When skunk removal becomes necessary, Pickering residents should always opt for a professional service if they want a long-term solution.

The Danger of Skunk Presence

Skunks, like many other wildlife animals, are carriers of diseases. When they get into your home, your family and your pets can be exposed to these diseases. Skunks are among the four most common carriers of rabies in Canada and usually, they transmit it to people through their pets, which can be infected after interacting with the wildlife. It is therefore important to keep your environment skunk free if you have pets.

In addition to all of this, skunks present a lot of inconvenience in the domestic space. If you or your pet gets sprayed by a skunk, for example, this will be a large inconvenience. The smell of this potent liquid takes a lot of time and effort to remove and the smell is simply unbearable.

Skunks are fairly harmless. They only spray or become aggressive if threatened.

The Importance of the Humane Approach to Skunk Control

Even though skunks in the home is an undesirable situation, consideration must be given to the rights of the animals. After all, the animals have just as much right to exist on this earth as we do. In addition, they contribute to the maintenance of the natural environment from which we all benefit. To threaten their survival would only affect our own lives negatively. Therefore, any method that is used to rid a space of skunks or prevent skunk arrival should be humane, allowing the skunks the opportunity to thrive elsewhere. The humane approach is also a more feasible solution as it addresses the skunk problem in the long term.

Why DIY Skunk Control is Not Recommended

Many people automatically assume that a skunk problem can be dealt with through DIY methods. They are usually mistaken and only realize the error of their ways when they face the negative effects of these methods. In addition to facing physical discomfort or injury when they climb ladders or crawl into narrow spaces to get to skunks, DIY animal removers often expose themselves and others to health risks.

On top of all that, most DIY skunk control methods are not humane. Harmful chemicals may be used, and in the hands of a novice, these chemicals are dangerous not just to the health of the skunks being targeted but also that of the pest and human beings who use the space.  Additionally, untrained and inexperienced animal controllers often fail to handle baby skunks with care, further encroaching on the rights of the animals. In fact, many DIY skunk control methods such as trapping and relocating the animals are in breach of animal protection laws.

When you consider the cost of hiring a professional along with the money already spent on DIY attempts, plus the costs of the injuries and health risks caused by DIY attempts at skunk control, you will quickly recognize that going the DIY route may cost you more in the long run.

Solving Your Skunk Problem Professionally

A professional wildlife technician is able to apply in-depth knowledge of skunk behaviour to resolve your invasion problem. The wildlife experts at Skedaddle always start with a detailed inspection of your space which provides them with information about the extent of the invasion along with the access points that need to be addressed.

A unique skunk removal and a deterrent plan is then created for your situation. This plan will include humane methods such as one-way doors that allow skunks to leave but not return and the use of barrier technology to prevent the return of skunks. Baby skunks are given priority treatment to ensure that they are reunited with their mothers after removal and given the best chance to survive. Through Skedaddle’s professional services for skunk removal, Pickering residents can enjoy skunk free residential spaces without disrupting the balance of nature.

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