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Skunk Problems? Contact Milwaukee Animal Control Experts

Milwaukee’s striped skunks are always a problem for residents. To say the stench of a skunk’s spray is challenging to remove is an understatement. But just like many other animals and plants on earth, skunks are valuable to the balance of nature. It takes a very skilled team of animal control experts to properly address these skunk problems. This is why the humane approach practiced by Skedaddle is the best one for skunk invasion concerns.

Comprehensive Skunk Control

At Skedaddle, we tackle your Milwaukee animal control needs comprehensively. We start by getting to the root of your infestation problems, the factors that encourage skunks to come to your home and the breaches that let them in. When we are through we leave you with a skunk free home and tips on how to keep things that way.

A baby skunk is also referred to as a kit.

The Assessment

Our examination of your home starts on the outside where we pinpoint all the access points that allow skunks to get in. This is continued on the inside as well.  As we search for skunks we use our knowledge of their habits (such as their preference for dark, quiet hidden areas such as below porches and sheds) to guide us.

Removing the Skunks

The Milwaukee animal control team at Skedaddle are very familiar with the characteristics of the state’s skunks. As a result, they know just how to handle the animal so that minimal damage is done during removal. We know for instance, that skunks will spray when they sense danger or feel threatened or startled.  Our team members therefore use utmost caution when approaching nests for removal.

In removing the skunks from your property we are careful to avoid damage to the wildlife animals. Baby skunks, for example, are gently removed and placed in warm containers to keep them healthy until the mother is able to retrieve and relocate them.

Skunks are great diggers. Usually under decks and sheds.

Cleaning and Clearing

If the assessment determines that it is necessary our wildlife technician will recommend cleaning and clearing. Through our clean and clear service, Skedaddle removes all traces of skunk inhabitation from your property. This includes nest material, organic matter (such as furs and skunk excrement). The goal of this service is to sanitize the contaminated areas and remove and destroy all disposable contaminated items. This service is crucial as it ensures that the risk of exposure to diseases carried by wild skunks (such as rabies) is eliminated.

Preventing Reinfestation

After removal, our team gets to work to protect your property from future invasions. This may involve sealing the breach points identified earlier and putting in a trench around the property (or at strategic points based on the needs evaluation) or installing a heavy gauge screen to deny the rodents access to your property. It may also include replacing the odor of the space with one that skunks dislike to reduce the likelihood of them being attracted to the area. We will then help you to establish routines (such as garbage disposal practices) that will reduce the likelihood of skunks and other critters approaching your property.



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About the author:Marcus is the owner and operator of Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control – Milwaukee. Born and raised in Milwaukee, Marcus combines the academic training (M.S. Wildlife Biology, UW Madison) with the field training and skills to be successful in resolving wildlife conflict for home and business owners.

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