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Skunks can sleep long periods without food during winter.

Skunks: Wildlife that Carry Rabies

Think your instinctive avoidance of Oshawa’s wild animals is enough to save you from the diseases they carry? Think again. There are other ways for you to pick up something that was put down by disease-ridden animals without you having direct contact with them. In Canada, the wildlife-related disease that is most popular is Rabies. Most cases of transmission from wild animals to human beings occur from bites. And since skunks are among the most frequent sources of rabies in human beings, an active and effective skunk control must form part of Oshawa’s disease prevention strategies.

Skunks always prefer to hibernate underground as they are not typically known to climb.

More about Rabies

Rabies, a viral disease that can affect the central nervous system is fast acting, leading to possible death in its victims. The ailment is particularly detrimental to mammals (including human beings) and Canada’s foxes, skunks and bats are the most popular carriers.

A skunk with rabies may demonstrate the signs of one of two variations of the illness. If the critter is afflicted with the dumb form of rabies, it will appear to be paralyzed and seem to be unbothered by human presence and proximity. The animal will also seem withdrawn or depressed and skulk off into secretive corners and spaces. A skunk who is suffering from the furious form of rabies will be very aggressive and excited. They will seem to be attacking its own body and may even attack other objects or animals.

The natural reaction to a skunk that appears to be rabid is to avoid it at all costs. Unfortunately, avoiding infected animals will not necessarily keep you safe from rabies as there are secondary transmitters that carry the virus from the skunk to you.

Watch those surfaces!

While rare, deposits left by wild animals on surfaces, especially those in the home, can pass on the disease spreading bacteria and germs that evolve into something more serious later on. Feces, saliva, and urine along with other biological deposits usually carry the virus that spreads the disease.

Your adorable cuddle friendly pets are also conduits of these illnesses. If your pets run free and are outdoors a lot, they may encounter animals such as raccoons and skunks. Dogs, in particular, are often keen on chasing the animals they come across, making them the most popular targets of all pets. Keeping your pets from these interactions will mean keeping them on a leash for long periods of time and reducing or eliminating free runs outdoors.

Humane Skunk Control

Despite the threat of rabies that is associated with them, skunks are valuable members of the natural environment. This is why they are protected under Oshawa’s wildlife conservation legislation. Actions like trapping and relocating skunks are strictly regulated to protect wildlife from human behaviour that may threaten their survival.

Humane skunk control is, therefore, a must for Oshawa’s property owners.  And who better to provide this service than Skedaddle, a company with an impressive track record for effective and humane wildlife control. Skedaddle skunk control technicians are highly skilled professionals, having been trained and experienced in wildlife animal control.

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