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These Squirrels are too smart for my DIY deterrent methods

One of the hardest animals to remove from your home is a squirrel. Squirrels are known as wiry creatures that move quickly and are hard to catch. Squirrels pose a challenge to homeowners once found in the home as they can evade capture. While the creatures are supposed to live in trees and gather nuts for winter, they often find attic spaces make nice homes and set up their home in your home, without asking.

A plastic roof vent cover chewed by squirrels to access the attic

Once squirrels are in your home, they will begin to chew on the wood beams of the attic as well as wiring, which can be dangerous. The structure of your home can be at risk along with the potential for a house fire. To stop squirrels from entering your home or ensure a problem does not happen in the future, you must find out how they are gaining entry.


One of the most common areas that a squirrel can enter your home is the venting found on the roof. As warm air is released from the vents, the squirrels find an inviting spot to enter the home. Vents should be secured so that they still operate normally but squirrels cannot get though. Mesh wiring can be a great squirrel deterrent. While this make work for some time, you should inspect your roofline on a regular basis as squirrels can chew through materials like plastic, aluminum or wood to gain entry in other ways.

A baby squirrel being removed from an attic

Cracks and Holes

If you have cracks and holes in your roof or other areas of the exterior, you may find squirrels use these areas as entry points. Moisture can easily weaken most materials over time. If shingles are worn or other areas of the roof start to deteriorate, then you can have a squirrel problem just waiting to happen. Repairs need to be made to these areas and any cracks or holes filled so that squirrels do not have instant access to your home.


The landscaping of your home should also be considered when trying to deter squirrels from your property. While trees look nice and provide shade, they can also make it easy for squirrels to gain access to the roof. Branches that hang close to the home are a prime target for squirrels to get on your roof and find a way inside. Keep all trees trimmed and in good shape, far from the roofline. You also might want to avoid hanging bird feeders on tree branches near your home as well. Seeds provide a food source for squirrels and they will continue to come back time and time again for the free food.

If you find that your DIY methods are not working to remove squirrels from your home or deter them from your property, contact the professionals at Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control. We can help you remove squirrels from your home and provide preventative measures for the future.

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