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Blocking the vent isn’t the only solution to a squirrel infestation

Squirrels are one of the most challenging species to remove from your property. They are prevalent in most neighbourhoods and can be very persistent. So, it’s not just as simple as scaring them away. Squirrels become adamant about their home.

Once inside your attic they will chew on everything. This is dangerous to your home. They can cause structural damage and create fire hazards. Squirrel control starts by discovering how they got into your house in the first place.

Vents are common squirrel entry points

Exposed vents are easy ways for them to stroll into your home. Warm air released from the vent makes an inviting call for a place to nest. So, it’s best to secure all vents and not just the one most used as an entry point. This will only subdue the problem. Eventually squirrels will find other vents to gnaw through or gracefully enter. Make sure to maintain and lock down any vents. Soft materials like plastic, wood or aluminum is easy for squirrels to chew through and still gain entry.

Sealing holes to the outside wall is the first step to prevention

Not only vents; make sure any holes or cracks are filled with a strong material. There could be entry points in your roof, soffit or foundation. Properly maintain these areas. Moisture can weaken most materials. If shingles are worn and damp squirrels can chew holes in your roof. Make sure everything is animal proof.

Trim branches hanging towards your home.

Trees are lovely in the yard. But, they make it easy for squirrels to jump to your roof. Branches hanging close to a building give simple access. Keep trees trimmed. Once on your roof squirrels will search for different ways in. It’s best to keep them off in the first place. Also be careful hanging bird feeders on tree branches.  The seeds are a reliable food source for squirrels. They’ll keep returning. Clean up the grass directly below the feeder. Don’t give squirrels a reason or way to get on your property.

How to deter squirrels

  • Metal tree collars.
  • Cover wires leading to your home.
  • Sprinkle hot pepper around edible plants and seeds.
  • Call a professional.

Cambridge rodent removal services

If your friendly backyard critters have found a way into your home try not to take it into your own hands. Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control will safely remove any infestation, reunite them with the wild and repair any entry points.

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