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Spring: The Best Time To Prevent Rodent Home Invasions

Rodent home invasions typically take place in the spring, which is also the best time of year to prevent rodents from doing exactly that. It is also when you’d best perform inspections and checks to see whether or not mice and other rodents have made a home in your attic over the winter. Most homes in Canada are vulnerable to rodent entry, which means they have lots of nooks and crannies through which rodents can gain access to the inside. Dealing with an infestation is best done by contacting rodent control companies, so keep that in mind if you discover the unwanted presence of rodent pests in your home.

Mice use holes cut for electrical and plumbing runs to spread throughout houses

How Do I Know If I Have Rodents In My Home?


Among the many different signs of a rodent infestation in one’s home, some of the most definitive indicators include:

● Seeing actual mice tracks left on dusty surfaces
● Finding holes in and around foundation walls
● Seeing mice droppings
● Finding evidence of chewing or gnawing on property
● Finding damaged food packages
● Hearing scratching sounds in the walls or above the ceiling at night
● Seeing mice running across the floor or elsewhere on your property

Gaps around pipers that lead into the home provide opportunities for mice and rats to access the interior

DIY Rodent-Proofing Tips For Your Home


Two of the best opportunities for rodent-proofing your home are either after mice or rodents have taken up residence in the walls or before they enter your home. Ways you can rodent-proof your home effectively include placing fine mesh metal screening over attic and dryer vents, stuffing steel wool around pipes before plastering or caulking, fixing holes in the walls, patching cracks in foundations and making sure windows and doors seal tightly by using weather stripping. Additional tips include getting rid of clutter that could make good nesting spots, securing garbage in containers with tight-fitting lids, storing all dry goods in metal or glass containers, keeping the kitchen clean, and eliminating all water and food sources.

Calling In The Pros Like Skedaddle Is Your Best Option


DIY methods of rodent-proofing your home can be effective if done right. However, leave just one opening unsecured and you will have solved nothing. Rodents are extremely adaptable and will seek out every possible entry point into your home. Keep in mind that there is a better option. Contacting a rodent control specialist like Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control is the absolute best choice for keeping your home rodent-free. Skedaddle has more than two decades of experience in removing pest rodents from people’s homes as well as a successful track record of thousands of effective interventions to date. This puts Skedaddle at the forefront of humane and reliable rodent removal techniques and methods that serve many Canadian homeowners. Contact Skedaddle right now and ensure your home is free of rodents for years to come.

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