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Squirrels Are The Worst House Guests!

When it comes to rodent control and service, the reasons for worrying about an invasion in your home include a wide variety of things, each differing in the amount of damage they cause. However, without a shadow of a doubt, squirrels can be the most damaging home assailants, as they possess many characteristics that make them especially creative in the art of destroying homes.

Squirrel nesting material with chewed wiring

Typically, squirrels make the worst house guests because they’re the type of animals that store food and supplies for the winter. This is what makes this time of year especially important; it’s best to keep the number for rodent control on speed dial because you never know when you’ll discover that your home has been invaded by a squirrel family.

Squirrels are superbly equipped to make their way into homes and attics: they climb without difficulty thanks to their sharp nails; their whiskers can sense changes in airflow and particularly warm air; they love edges and corners, as that’s where they’re most effective at chewing. They only need a place to start and, after a bit of gnawing, they’ll find a way into a structure such as an attic, which for them is a dry and warm home to nest in.

A squirrel entry point through aluminum roof flashing

In addition to leaving behind unpleasant odors, squirrel droppings present a serious health hazard. Furthermore, they can cause severe damage and an overall huge mess once they’re in your home, which is why it pays to know of a reliable rodent control service, even before you’re required to seek out their help.

In as short a time as a few weeks, you could be left with a hefty repair bill, in addition to the aforementioned other consequences of having unwanted tenants in the attic of your home. Therefore, the best option to go for, should you discover squirrels have burrowed their way into your house, is to act quickly and prevent or minimize property damage. This type of rodent control typically involves evicting them from the premises and reinforcing any entry points they might have created in order to prevent future infestations.

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