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Squirrels: Important Matters that You Need to Know

Positioned among the favoured animal in the wildlife, squirrels are deemed cute by many, even if they are also considered a nuisance. These furry little acrobatic experts are known for the expert climbing and leaping prowess. Admittedly, it is a beautiful sight to observe. While squirrels are by no means maleficent by nature, they could have a negative impact on the people around them. Canada is home to 22 of the 285 species of squirrels who share planet earth with us. This means that squirrel repellents are just as important for Canadians as they are for other people around the world.

Why We Need Squirrels

Squirrels, like many other wildlife species, play an important role in preserving and maintaining the natural environment.  For one, we owe squirrels a debt of gratitude for the preservation and spread of plant life as many trees and shrubs are around because squirrels buried seeds and forgot about them, or dropped some in their hustling from reaping to stashing.

The Drawbacks of Squirrel Presence

But it’s not all rainbows and sunshine with these cute little animals. Squirrels are hosts to a number of diseases. Squirrel feces may contain the leptospirosis bacteria. Leptospirosis can be deadly if treatment is delayed and especially since the symptom resembles those of the flu, may be overlooked for a while.

In addition, they are burrowers by nature, which means once inside they will carry on with their typical wildlife behaviours and inadvertently damage your home. They are known for chewing through siding, wires, and insulation. Exposed electrical wires present further risk for electrical fires. To top it all off, you’ll be dealing with the annoyance of the scurrying sounds as the animal moves around inside your home.

Squirrels are not typically aggressive towards humans.

Why the Humane Way is Best

The fact that squirrels are important to us despite the inconveniences they pose means that we must do our best to ensure that these animals remain a part of our lives. Traditional animal control methods are dangerous both to animals and human beings. Pesticides should be avoided at all costs as they harm the squirrels as well as children and pets. You can love squirrels from a safe distance by employing humane squirrel repellent and removal techniques

Squirrels in Your Yard

If you’re an avid bird feeder living in squirrel territory, you’ve likely been battling the challenge of keeping your bird seeds safe. One possible solution is to coat the pole on which the feeder sits with petroleum jelly. Raccoons will slip off as they attempt to climb up but you may have to be diligent in replacing the coating to keep the pole slippery. You can also try covering the rope for suspended bird feeders with a pipe that spins when squirrels hop on to it. This will thwart their use of the suspension rope as a bridge to your bird feed.

Squirrel in Your Home? Your Next Move

Panicking certainly does little to remedy a squirrel invasion situation. In fact it worsens it as it usually drives the frantic animal further into your home making removal more difficult. You can prevent them from entering your home by keeping all trees trimmed at a 6 feet distance from the building. This reduces the likelihood of squirrels leaping from trees to your home.

Skedaddle and other wildlife control services that practice the humane approach are your best defense against squirrel problems. Skedaddle uses humane squirrel repellent methods to prevent squirrels approaching your home in the first place. These methods include the installation of mesh to cover vents and other openings (including the chimney), effectively preventing them from entering the building.

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