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Squirrels problems! Why you Need Expert Removal

Squirrels are adored by many people around the world. Their cute little faces and fluffy tails have a way of making people smile. Despite the high volume of squirrel love out there in the world, these little animals are still making many lives uncomfortable as the forage through homes and gardens to survive. They are constantly digging holes to bury their food and chew on everything to keep their teeth short. As a result, expert squirrel removal is usually a necessity when the squirrels enter your home.

Why Squirrel Presence is Undesirable

Squirrels love to wreak havoc on bird feeders. They pillage the seeds placed for birds to feed on and usually don’t leave much for the birds in the end except for a mess of seeds. Bird watching can become disappointing when birds either realize that the feeders are empty or are scared away by the squirrels who eagerly feed on and steal from, their seeds.

When squirrels get inside your home they become more than a little pesky. To make their nests (usually in attics or garages) they will chew on insulation and remove chunks or strips of wood. Imagine the hefty repair and restoration bill you could be stuck with if you allow a squirrel invasion to continue unabated.

Methods of Squirrel Removal and How Squirrels Respond to them

A range of tactics and tools are used to deal with squirrel problems. Many people will try to trap the squirrels on their own, which can be a very big mistake. While traps are often cruel on their own, you also risk leaving babies inside the home without their mother. Helpless, these baby squirrels are left to die, often inside your home. Trapping and relocating squirrels may also land you in trouble with the law as legislation restricts the type of traps that can be used and the manner in which the squirrel is relocated. If you are unaware of these legislations you may find yourself being prosecuted for animal endangerment.

Even DIY methods which are considered humane can be ineffective without expert training. Squirrels are intelligent and if the strategies aren’t properly applied, you will continue to waste time and money trying to remove them yourself.

Squirrels sleep more during winter making them harder to detect in your attic.

Why Use the Experts

The most certain way to ensure that squirrels stay away from your property is to get the experts on board. Experts like the wildlife control team at Skedaddle are specially trained to handle squirrels. We are also very experienced having handled squirrel invasion of domestic spaces for years.

Skedaddle’s wildlife technicians will visit your home to first observe the squirrels’ behaviour. They will observe the entry points as well as the nests of the squirrels. This will help them to create a squirrel removal plan that will deal with your specific squirrel invasion problem. We follow that up by the implementation of the plan which may include the use of specific techniques (informed by a deep knowledge of squirrel behaviour) to coax the squirrels out of the home. Once we have ensured that there are no longer any squirrels in your home, we get to work cleaning and future proofing your home. With Skedaddle’s assistance, you can reap the benefits of successful squirrel removal with a clear conscience knowing that you selected a humane yet effective approach.

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