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Summer Pests at Home or at the Cottage: How to Protect Yourself

Whether you are a just a homeowner or own a vacation home as well, you want your summer oasis to be free of pests. With regular pest control methods, you can ensure that your home or cottage will not be affected by pests such as mice, birds and squirrels. During the summer months, home pest control is essential as creatures tend to use attic spaces or even the walls of your home for their nesting needs. By knowing what to do, you can avoid seeing unwanted pests in your home. Read on to see what you can do to protect your home.

Muddy paw prints around this deck are a sure sign of raccoon activity below

Inspecting the Exterior

To begin, take a walk around the exterior of your home or cottage. What you are looking for are entry points. You want to see where such creatures as mice, squirrels or birds can gain access to your home. Small holes or cracks can easily give mice the ability to enter inside your home and create a nest, even having babies. Birds like to live in attic spaces and vents as they give them an open area to make nests for their young as well as provide a safe haven against predators.

Be sure to inspect your roof and shingles often for signs of wildlife damage

When you see such entry points, you need to use sealing materials to keep such creatures from entering your home. Sealant materials will vary depending on what areas you are closing off. If you are closing up any venting or openings on the roof line, you will need to use small grating or wire type materials in order to allow the venting to continue to work properly but keep animals like squirrels and birds away from this area of your home.

A Little Cleanup

It is also important to think about cleanup, inside and outside of your home. In the home, any crumbs from food or leftover meals will need to be cleaned up and removed. Leaving open containers or food out on the counters is a calling card for mice and other rodents to come inside your home. When it comes to squirrels, they will eat bird feed from time to time. You may need to remove the bird feeders so that the squirrels will find other food sources and move on to a new home or another area far away from your home.

Contact the Professionals

If you have been proactive and taken preventative measures and creatures have still gained entry into your home, then you need to contact professional wildlife removal services. With quality wildlife control, your home will be free of creatures and you will be able to enjoy every area of your home without any destruction or worry of catching an illness from such creatures as bats, mice, birds, raccoons or squirrels.

At Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control, we can offer you the best wildlife control services. We focus on a variety of animals to help you in any wildlife control situation. Contact our office today when you find that an infestation exists or need help in removing a creature from your home.

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