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Summer Tips For Mice Proofing And Sanitation

Mice and other rodent activity increases as the weather becomes warmer, which causes a growing number of potential problems for many homeowners. As a result of hotter temperatures in the summer, mice are able to get their little hands on more food and that means that female mice are capable of giving birth to healthier litters than in colder months of the year. Getting rid of mice once they gain access into a home or property can be tricky and a professional approach is always recommended.

Understanding Mice A Bit Better

Mice are relatively simple creatures. They require a constant food source and sufficient heat in order to survive and thrive. Mice generally aren’t accustomed to cold weather unlike many other animals that retain body heat. As a result, they die very quickly when exposed to cold temperatures and finding shelter for the winter is essential for their survival. It is their natural instincts to find ways of getting into buildings to stay warm.


Mice can climb many structures. Full home inspections, top to bottom are ideal.

Identifying The Most Common Mice Entry Points

There could be a number of different ways in which mice gain access into structures, but there are a few common denominators. Any kind of pipes that enter buildings need to be inspected thoroughly, as well as structural issues like gaps or cracks in the foundation. Also check poorly sealed or unsealed exterior doors, ventilator grills, unscreened vents, holes around utility lines and voids in walls.

Rodent Proofing & Sanitation

When it comes to rodent infestation prevention, performing regular monitoring and inspections is crucial. Other than that some prevention tips include:

  • Sealing all located holes with rodent-proof material
  • Practice good landscape management to eliminate potential nesting sites
  • Cleaning food spills and crumbs promptly
  • Using proper garbage bins and emptying them properly and regularly
  • Eliminating clutter in storage areas
Stained Vent

Mice can fit through holes the size of a quarter, leaving multiple entry points.

Faced With An Infestation? Get In Touch With Skedaddle Right Away

If getting rid of mice is proving to be to difficult of a job then you’re left with one effective option – getting in touch with the professionals. Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control has been in the wildlife and rodent removal business for more than thirty years and has helped in excess of 200,000 homeowners to date. Skedaddle has come up with a number of humane removal and exclusion methods, which makes them the obvious choice for any sort of infestation problem. No problem is too big or too small for our technicians and they always take a hands-on approach to ensure the infestation is dealt with humanely as possible. Skedaddle also performs sanitization and proofing services, meaning you get the complete package from the start. Get in touch with Skedaddle today and let the experts help you keep your home free of mice and rodents.

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