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The Advantages of Humane Wildlife Control

When your North York home has been invaded by wildlife, the first natural reaction by most people would be to get rid of them. Very few will stop to think about the welfare of the animals themselves. But we should. Why? Well first of all because the planet is shared by all animals and human beings. Wildlife have a right to exist on this earth. For this and other reasons, humane wildlife control should be the preferred treatment option for wildlife invasions in North York homes.

Helping to Preserve Nature

The inhumane methods of animal control include trapping, culling and the use of poisons. These methods reduce the survival rate of wildlife species. This in turn, has a negative impact on the ecosystem. Plants and animals that depend on the specie being snuffed out to survive also begin to disappear and in some cases populations that we would not want to increase will increase. If bats are not around, for example, the many insects they eat (effectively keeping the insect population in check) will thrive and multiply, increasing the discomfort (among other negative spinoff effects) that human beings experience.

The humane method ensures that the animals being targeted survive at the end of the process. Animals that have taken up residence in people’s homes are coaxed out and then taken to approved relocation areas to continue living in the wild. Barrier methods used to prevent their return are also humane. The offspring are also given special attention and every effort is made to ensure reunion with their mothers in the relocation areas.

Safer For Non-Wildlife Animals as Well

When you opt for humane animal control in your North York home, You are making a decision to protect the health and well-being of your pets as well as yourself. Many non-humane wildlife control methods include the use of substances that can affect the other users of the space. It is not unheard of for pets and people to fall victim to these substances.

Skedaddle Wildlife has partnered with Humane Societies and SPCA's across North America.

It Keeps You Out of Conflict With Preservation Regulations

Canadian law places restrictions on the methods that can be used for wildlife control. Opting to go the humane route means saving yourself from being prosecuted for violating these legislations. Many people who attempt to handle wildlife invasions of their spaces by themselves resort to trapping culling and relocating. They are usually unaware of the regulations or are deliberately disregarding them.

An Effective Wildlife Control Option

The humane method is effective for the longer term.  Inhumane methods do not target the practices and features in the home that attract wildlife. This means that more animals usually turn up, creating a cycle of recurrent invasion. This is one of the reasons humane wildlife control is superior. A humane wildlife control service will include the reduction or elimination of the ‘pull factors’ otherwise known as all those things that attract wildlife animals to your home. Humane wildlife technicians also focus on the use of safe barrier technology to prevent future invasions. There is absolutely no doubt that humane wildlife control is the ideal solution for North York homes.

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