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The Mysterious Life of Bats in Whitby


Do bats frighten you when they flutter around at night? Have you ever tried leaving a window open in late evening or nighttime to revel in the cool breeze only to find that bats are flying inside? If you live in Whitby, then this is likely to be a part of your daily experience, especially in non-winter seasons. When it comes to the natural environment, bats are probably the biggest underdogs. Our typical immediate responses to them include fear, distrust, and anger because we see them as enemies. But if we really knew the truth about bat’s we’d be a lot more appreciative of these amazing winged mammals. This would spur us to do the right thing and use humane bat removal on our Whitby properties especially when bats intrude on our spaces.

Toronto’s Bats


Toronto is home to numerous bat species. But the more commonly spotted bats in the region are the big brown bat and the little brown bat. In recent times, the region’s bats have fallen victim to an epidemic of the vicious white-nose syndrome, a disease that has been killing bats by the droves. As David Sugarman of the Ontario Science Center the disease has ‘devastated millions of bats’.

Bats are a part of life in Whitby. In fact, the world famous spooky guesthouse, Bats and Broomsticks get part of its allure from the town’s bat-centred vampire aesthetics. To preserve this allure, Whitby residents should do all they can to preserve their bat population.


Bats and the Wow Factor


Bats are fascinating animals. They possess a naturally built-in complex navigation system that can rival the most complex human-made versions used for air traffic control. Their navigation system comprises a network of sound wave manipulation and interpretation, called echolocation that allows them to fly around at high speed without colliding into obstacles and identify prey like mosquitoes and moths even in the darkest night. The system involves emitting high pitched sound waves in the direction of nearby objects and interpreting the ‘bounce back’ response.

Bats Enable Human Survival


In addition to being worthy of admiration, bats are also integral to the preservation of the world we call home. Without these winged mammals, life on earth would be much more difficult. They consume insects that damage our farms and gardens. They help to transplant trees and shrubs as they drop seeds. Farmers would be overrun by insects, less green spaces would be around and creepy crawly insects we fear would make our lives so uncomfortable.

The importance of bats to the world is highlighted by the Canadian Wildlife Federation which on its Help the Bats page informs readers that ‘bats are amazing animals that are vital to the health of our environment and economy. Although we may not always see them, bats are hard at work all around the world each night – eating thousands of insects, pollinating flowers, and spreading seeds that grow new plants and trees.’ In other words, bats are our friends.

On the same web page, CWF Bat Conservation Specialist Mike Anissimoff asserts that ‘Millions of bats have died in Canada over the past 10 years.’ And adds that ‘They may not recover without our help’. Understandably the organization invites all Canadians to act to preserve the country’s bat population.

The Humane Approach to Bat Control


Our bats are already in danger as the white-nose syndrome continues to deplete their numbers. Let us not add to the decimation by treating them cruelly. When they find themselves in your homes our offices, they are simply responding to their natural instincts to survive and often it is human behaviour that has forced them into your building. Remember that in many cases people have encroached on spaces that were originally occupied by bats and so they have limited spaces for hibernation.

If you suspect that you have bats (you may hear them flying around in your attic at night or spot one or two occasions in the remainder of the house) get in touch with professional humane bat removal services so your Whitby property can be assessed and treated for bat intrusion. Skedaddle offers high quality, effective and professional bat removal services that will result in bats being safely taken or guided from your building and into their natural habitat.

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