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The Rise of Distemper Makes Effective Raccoon Removal Even More Important

The Rise of Distemper Makes Effective Raccoon Removal Even More ImportantMetronews.ca reported last March that cases of distemper among raccoons and skunks are on the rise in Windsor, Ontario. This development doesn’t entirely come as a surprise to the authorities, however, because it is common for these animals to contract distemper at this time of the year, which coincides with their mating season. Still, homeowners are urged to vaccinate their pets and prevent them from coming into contact with feral raccoons and skunks.

Canine distemper isn’t inherently dangerous to humans, but it can be potentially fatal to dogs. Thus, it can be argued that professional raccoon removal is needed now more than ever since household pets are exposed to increased risk of contracting distemper and other diseases. Luckily, wildlife control companies like Skeddadle Wildlife can help families protect their beloved pets by catching wild raccoons and similar animals before they can spread the disease.

The distemper virus can be spread through airborne transmission, usually when the dogs inhlale aerosolized particles from the various secretions or excretions like saliva, urine, and feces of infected animals. Distemper can cause problems like diarrhea, eye inflammation, and fever, and can be fatal to pets if the infection is severe enough and medical intervention comes too late. Some people, unfortunately, confuse the symptoms of distemper with rabies, even though the two diseases are vastly different. At any rate, unusual pet behavior, like shaking and walking in circles, can be telltale signs that a pet is infected and will require medical attention.

While laws require domestic canine vaccination to control the presence of distemper virus in a locale, it can still easily spread among feral animals in the neighborhood. Yet pet owners may need to call on a Toronto raccoon removal expert from a reputed wildlife control company for reasons other than prevention of distemper. Raccoons, by themselves, can invade households, construct their own nests in the warmer sections, steal any food they can get, and even hunt down and kill pet birds.

Additionally, direct contact with raccoons (even for humans) is highly discouraged due to the animal’s potential to serve as vectors for various diseases. These include leptospirosis and baylisascaris; the latter, in particular, can cause muscle impairment, loss of motor functions, and even blindness. Unlike canine distemper, there is no vaccine that can protect humans from baylisascaris.

When it comes to the safety of pets and humans alike, homeowners can count on companies like Skedaddle Wildlife to provide the necessary measures to prevent distemper and other raccoon-related problems. These pest control experts can catch raccoons and other encroaching urban wildlife before they do further damage. Finally, wildlife control companies can clean the mess left behind by raccoons and prevent them from infiltrating households in the future.

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