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Skunk entry point

Tips to Prevent Skunks from Stinking up Your Whitby Home


The stench of a skunk’s spray is bad enough outdoors, you don’t want to face it on the inside as well. Skunks are native to Whitby so life in this city is incomplete without encountering them. But you want to limit the number of skunk encounters you have and ensure that they never ever take place indoors. Expert humane skunk prevention can help you to keep the offensive odour out of your Whitby home.

Skunks and Your Home

Skunks tend to avoid other wildlife animals as well as people. Occasionally, however, they do wind up inside buildings. The last thing you want to do in this situation is panic. If you panic and frighten the skunk with your screams or sudden movement, you are increasing the likelihood of the skunk spray being released in your building. Imagine getting your carpeting, linen or drapes soaked in that hard to remove smell!

What you should do instead is remain calm. Trying to capture it will lead to setting off its internal alarms, which leads to spraying and we don’t want that! The safest option to avoid potential conflict is getting in touch with wildlife experts for assistance. They are your best bet for removing the skunk without incident.

A skunk that has taken up residence under a shed or porch may be persuaded to leave if you take certain action to make the space uncomfortable for them. One way to do this is to place a battery operated radio or another noise producing device in the area. You could also put a light source there or place a rag or sponge soaked in apple cider vinegar there. You could even try combining these methods for increased effectiveness.

You may have to maintain them for days or weeks in order to see the results. You can use the paper test to see whether the skunks have relocated. The paper test is basically placing a sheet of paper in front of the suspected skunk den and then checking daily to see whether it has been disturbed. An undisturbed sheet of paper indicates that the area is skunk free.

How You can Keep Skunks Away

To reduce the likelihood of skunks entering your premises you should eliminate the things that they find alluring. These include the edible waste in your garbage bins, fallen fruit on the ground and unreaped vegetable in the garden.

Skunks also love to feast on bugs and worms that may be living in your lawn. It is best to get your lawn treated to eliminate these skunk snacks and by extension reduce the likelihood of skunks visiting your premises.


Skunk in ground

Using the Help of Professionals

The experts at Skedaddle can help you keep skunks and by extension their stink away. We install skunk prevention strategies such as fences that run deep enough into the earth to stop the animals burrowing efforts and keep them away from your Whitby home, shed, or porch.

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