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Busting the Myth: Are Mice traps and poison effective rodent control?

As the homeowner, once you discover a mouse problem in your home, your first thought may be to place traps and poison in the home. An exterminator may be called or DIY methods used to kill these small creatures. While the poison and traps will work to reduce the mouse population in the home, the problem will still take place if that is the only action taken. With poison and trapping methods, you run the risk of unexpected and harmful consequences.

Mouse droppings inside an attic. Most homeowners find it difficult to get traps and poisons into the far reaches of their attic.

Ignoring the source of the problem

When you place poison and traps in your home for rodent control, you are not working on the source of the problem. There are many ways to get rid of a mouse in the home, but you must solve the issue long term. Mice are gaining access to your home in order to find food and shelter. If mice are able to continue to enter your home, then you will continue to have a problem. Plus, in most cases, once you notice the mouse problem, they have already been living in your home for some time. So they have stores of food and will most likely not touch the traps or poison.

Mouse Reproduction

Mice have a high reproductive rate, with the ability to reproduce every 21 days. Females can have 10 litters in one year. Basically, with this high rate of birth, there is no way you can kill all the mice in your home as they continually reproduce.

A mouse entry point where siding and foundation don’t meet tight

Harmful Poisons

While poison can be used to remove mice from the home, it can also create a toxic environment within your home. Children and pets can get a hold of the poison and it can be fatal. Pets can also find the poisoned mice and eat them which can lead to sickness or even death. Mice do not die right away after ingesting the poison so they will be able to spread the poison throughout your home which can touch food, cooking surfaces, etc.

Other Harmful Methods

Other ways to remove mice from the home include glue boards and snap traps, however, these are not recommended. These are considered extremely inhumane and can lead to mice struggling for hours until they succumb to death. Sometimes, mice will escape these traps and hide, dying later on and then rotting in your home.

Overall, the best option for mice removal in the home is to work with experts in the field of wildlife removal. With qualified technicians assisting in the removal process, you will be able to have the mice removed from the home in a humane way and preventative measures in place to ensure the creatures cannot access your home in the future.

Contact Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control when you find that mice have been living in your home. We are happy to assist with removal services to clear your home of such creatures.

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