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As Urban Areas Grow, So Does the Demand for Humane Raccoon Removal

According to several studies, the population of raccoons has been increasing lately. They are known for their intelligence which is why they learn how to adapt quickly to any kind of surrounding. This is precisely why the need for humane raccoon removal is on the rise. Since they are quite destructive animals, it is advisable to call a professional who will remove them instead of dealing with them on your own.

Their fear of people is lessening

Raccoons have already breached all the limits set by humans. They are adapting quickly to all the complexities of urban living instead of being deterred by modern obstacles. They have risen to the challenge and it seems that they are getting smarter from the experience. This is precisely why it is quite difficult to remove them easily from your home. In addition to this, they multiply quickly and this makes it even harder to move them out from your property.

Is there anything you can do in order to protect your home?

The answer to this question would be- no. Although you may have heard about some people setting traps for raccoons or even killing them, it is not advisable to do any of these things. Even if you try to trap them, raccoons multiply quickly and they are able to populate the area even before you get the chance to come near them. In addition to this, just bear in mind that you will be putting traps in your home- a place where you and your family live. You can easily get trapped yourself or, which is worse, you may harm your pets or children.

Raccoons love to access the attic cause of the warmth and safety it provides them.

Do not feed raccoons if you see them

This is one of the major mistakes people make when it comes to raccoons. Yes, they seem cute, but they are not that cute when it comes to destructing your home and your yard. They will take this action as an invitation and they will settle in. In addition to this, you should also remove anything from your yard that they may eat, such as food for birds, open garbage cans, vegetables etc. Prevention is better than dealing with the aftermath of an invasion.

The whole world has been affected by this growing problem

Since raccoons are intelligent and adaptable animals, it comes as no surprise that they are invading cities all over the world. According to some studies, in several German cities, there are a million raccoons widening the range of their habitat. In Britain, people are allowed to keep raccoons at home. But, they start to fear that this will probably be a major problem. In Toronto, there are so many raccoons that a columnist Ted Woloshyn calls it the ‘Raccoon Capital of the World’. As you can see, the population of raccoons is a growing problem. We are supposed to make sure they do not make more damage than they already have.

Contact Skedaddle and have raccoons removed in a humane way

Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control is a reputable company when wildlife removal is in question. They have been in business for 30 years and they have trained technicians who are at your disposal to help you solve the problem. One of the things they care most about is humane raccoon removal. Basically, they will do anything not to kill the animal, but to catch it alive. They will not even use poisonous chemicals because they care about the animal’s life, even if it is a destructive one. Therefore, in case your home has been invaded by raccoons, feel free to contact them and your problem will be solved in no time.

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