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3 Ways to Keep Your Residence Wildlife Free

There are so many creatures in the wild that tend to take up residency in the home. The attic seems to be a hot spot for creatures such as mice, bats, raccoons and even squirrels. Skunks like to set up a home in crawl spaces or under porches while mice can also live in the walls of your home. As the homeowner, you do not wish to see any such creatures taking up residency in your home. But what can you do to prevent it from happening? There are three basic areas in which homeowners need to be aware of in order to keep the residence wildlife free. Read on below to prep your home.

Avoid Becoming a Food Source

The first step is to avoid becoming a food source. There are many ways that you could be providing food to animals and you don’t even realize. One way that animals can find a food source is with bird feeders. Squirrels and raccoons like to eat the feed left behind. If you find that you are constantly filling up the feeder, it may be that raccoons and squirrels are eating it instead of birds. You will have to remove the feeders for a time to ensure the pests find a new food source.

Bird seed on the ground

Bird seed on the ground attracts rodents and raccoons to your property

It is also important to keep kitchens clean of crumbs or leftover foods. Never leave food sitting out as it is a calling card for mice. Take a look at your outdoor garbage cans as well, make sure they are tightly closed so that animals such as raccoons or skunks are unable to access.

Offering a Welcome Home

You also want to avoid offering a welcoming home. Take a look at your property. Does your front porch have an opening where a skunk or raccoon could make a nest? If you find the area has large openings, block them off. Skunks especially will use this space to create a nest, even having babies!

Aluminum soffit

This aluminum soffit has been pushed up by raccoons allowing them access to the attic.

Take a look around the roofline of your home. Are there areas where bats or squirrels could get inside? These creatures can easily get into the home through the smallest of areas such as vents, rotted wood or soffits. Be sure to use some type of small grating to remove the points of entry for such creatures or you will be having to contact wildlife removal for assistance.

Outdoor Deterrents

There are also steps you can take outdoors to keep such pests at bay. Consider installing motion lights to scare away skunks or raccoons, they will be startled once the lights come on. Take time to clear off any branches near the roofline which can give squirrels access to your attic space. Making it harder for such pests to enter the home is the goal!

When you find that creatures are living in your home, contact Skedaddle Humane  Wildlife Control for assistance. One of their  technicians are happy to provide you with quality removal services to ensure your home stays a safe and pest-free place!

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