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What happens to the animals once Wildlife Control removes them from your home?

When an animal enters the home uninvited, the homeowner wants instant removal. Whether you have a raccoon or squirrel living in your attic or mice in the walls, you want to see these uninvited guests removed quickly. With wildlife control services, this is exactly what will happen. The wildlife control team will arrive at your home and assess the situation. A plan of action will be created and the unwanted guests removed. But where are the animals taken? Learn more about the humane wildlife control removal process below.

A family of raccoons inside an attic

What is Humane Removal?

To begin, it is important to learn about humane removal processes. In the past, removal companies would use kill methods such as traps or poison to remove the creatures in the home. However, this is something that companies today do not do as they want to keep the animals alive as well as preventing future infestations by repairing and securing wildlife entry points. Humane removal means that no harmful traps, tools or poisons are used to evict wildlife from a home.

A mother raccoon collecting one of her babies to relocate it to one of her other den sites

Our technicians use hands-on methods to remove wildlife from your home and prevent their re-entry. This means climbing into your attic or under your deck to chase wildlife out from the spot they used to enter. Any babies will removed by hand and placed in a heated reunion next to the entry point after it has been repaired so that they can relocated by their mother to one of their alternate den sites.

Prevention Services

Once the animal has been removed from your home, prevention methods should be provided to ensure this type of ‘invasion’ does not happen again. Prevention services will vary based on the type of creature that was in your home. For the most part, any entry or exit points will need to be blocked off and secured in some manner. The technician will also suggest any changes you need to make as far as your behaviour or habits in order to ensure such creatures are unable to enter the home once again. By having prevention services provided, you will be able to rest easy knowing that such creatures will not be able to enter your home in the future.

At Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control, we specialize in humane wildlife removal. We are happy to assist and have great experience in removing raccoons, squirrels, bats, mice and more. When you find that a creature has entered your home uninvited, be sure to contact our removal experts promptly. We are happy to assist and will help you remove the unwanted guests from your home!

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