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What Mice are Doing this Winter in Milwaukee

We all know the stereotype of a screaming woman when she sees a mouse. What is there to be afraid of? It’s just a tiny little mouse. However, these rodents are not a laughable matter and the more you find out about them the easier it is to understand why you need to have them removed immediately.

In Milwaukee, these rodents are a big issue. They get into the homes and destroy our properties slowly but surely. Some homeowners get a cat or try to set up traps, but this is usually not enough to stop the mice completely. You should call for professional mice control in Milwaukee.

Mice in the Winter

While most calls to animal control companies come during the spring when most species are looking for a safe place to mate and nest, mice are the biggest issue during winter. They are constantly in search of a place to hide from the cold and predators. In that search, they will likely find your home or garage.

They look for unprotected spaces, crevices and cracks or materials that they can easily chew through. What will attract them to your home is:

  • Any kind of seeds – bird seeds, garden seeds, and any other kind of seeds that you might have in your garage are an invitation for mice to get into your property and nest there.
  • Garbage – If you don’t keep your garbage properly sealed in your garage, the mice will see this as another invitation to live in your garage or your home. They love these types of places and this will keep them fed during winter.
  • Pet food – Improperly sealed pet food releases a specific smell which attracts the mice to your property.

In this case, you can keep your home safe by removing any organic waste properly and storing your food in airtight containers where mice can’t smell it or get to it. However, even though there is no food for them there, the mice will still infest your garage or home since it’s warmer than the outside. To protect your home from them, you need to get professional mice control.

Mice like to be warm. So they will usually find their way into your home or garage before the temperature really declines.

Mice Can Be a Danger

While mice may seem harmless enough, they actually pose a great danger to your health and property. Any kind of contact with mice, mice poop or urine can cause leptospirosis, typhus, rat-bite fever, tapeworms, and salmonellosis. The truly dangerous part is that in most cases it would be hard for you to know if you touched mice urine and that could lead you to any of the stated health issues. Mice also transmit illnesses to pets, which in turn can pass it onto humans.

Never clean the mice droppings on your own because you could get contaminated with an illness – sweeping them up, for instance, releases toxic spores into the air. You need to contact the professionals in this case and allow them to disinfect any areas that were in contact with mice. Aside from being a danger to your health, mice can cause structural damages to your home costing you a small fortune in the process.

Skedaddle Milwaukee has the knowledge and experience to effectively remove mice and sanitize your home to eliminate any negative health risks. When it comes to expert mice control, Milwaukee residents can rely on us.

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About the author:Marcus is the owner and operator of Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control – Milwaukee. Born and raised in Milwaukee, Marcus combines the academic training (M.S. Wildlife Biology, UW Madison) with the field training and skills to be successful in resolving wildlife conflict for home and business owners.

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