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Animal Control: What Problems do Sparrows Cause Homeowners?

As beautiful and appealing as birds can be, they can still present many challenges to property owners.. Additionally, like many other wildlife animals, birds can transmit diseases to people while also practicing nesting, feeding, and other habits which could sometimes be a nuisance to people. Wildlife control services are often engaged to handle problems with birds Sparrows are one species that cause people throughout Ontario to seek professional animal control services.

Sparrow Nests and the Problems the Cause

Sparrows unwittingly introduce pathogens to humans that result in health issues. These pathogens are carried by the birds themselves as well as their droppings.  Sparrow droppings also create an unpleasant odour which makes the space uncomfortable to use. Bird droppings also undermine the structural integrity of buildings especially those made with softer material such as wood.

How Sparrow Nests Can be Problematic for You

Homes that end up being sites of sparrow nests have elevated fire risks. This is because the birds’ nesting material is quite flammable. They normally install dried vegetation in existing cracks or holes and later line the space with softer material such as feathers. In addition to creating a fire hazard, sparrow nests on walls may also lead to a bug infestation inside your home. Bugs are attracted to these nests and from there they tend to move inside of the building.

Keeping Sparrows Away

Since sparrows are fond of nesting in cracks or holes, one of the most effective methods of keeping them at bay is to ensure that the building is free of these breaches. Frequent inspection for potential sparrow nest sites and prompt repairs will go a long way in ensuring that the birds are denied the opportunity to take up residence in the walls of your home.

As the world’s sparrow population is in decline, especially in the North American continent, sparrows must be treated humanely, even when they become problematic. This means that all removal attempts must be humane. Skedaddle offers this kind of service as they prioritize the safety of animals while ensuring that clients benefit from thorough and effective wildlife removal services.

That’s where Skedaddle Comes In

Skedaddle’s wildlife technicians are trained and experienced in animal behaviour and biology, meaning we are able to devise and implement techniques that work without putting people or animals at risk. Additionally, Skedaddle’s technicians are trained to identify bird species which makes us proficient at identifying sparrows when they occupy your space. We are confident and capable of delivering the animal control services that will yield positive results. Among the wildlife-friendly sparrow exclusion techniques used by Skedaddle is the use of barriers, such as the installation of sheet metal, construction fabric, and netting to prevent sparrows from making nests on your building. All of Skedaddles exclusion methods are guaranteed for life. So get in touch with us today to ensure your home remains bird free.

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