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What to do when Raccoons Move in?

If you come across a raccoon in your garage or shed, it could be for many reasons. Raccoons sometimes hide inside homes when they’re sick or injured, and they will also look for warm and comfortable shelter during the cold winter months. In many cases, female raccoons will enter a home anywhere from January to September to build their dens in safe and sheltered places.

A single raccoon, let alone an entire family, can bite and chew the infrastructure of your home, destroying building materials along the way. A presence of a wild animal in a home always means great amounts of urine and feces present, which is never safe. Since they’re wild animals with strong immune systems, raccoons can spread numerous bacterial and viral infections. So, what should you do if you notice a raccoon on your property?

Although cute, Raccoons can show unpredictable behaviour.

Although cute, Raccoons can show unpredictable behaviour.

Expert Raccoon Removal is the Most Humane Solution

There are no justifiable reasons to poison or harm raccoons in any way. In case of a raccoon nest, the best approach is to keep the mother together with her babies, avoiding any measures that would set them apart. Expert raccoon removal ensures that methods used won’t harm the raccoon family, but remove them in the way that’s safest for them and your home. Avoid trying to deter or startle raccoons on your own, doing so will put the mother raccoon at risk of being seperated from her babies. One of the worst things you could do is to drive away the mother using traditional methods, making her leave her babies behind. She will dig, chew and bite through your home to get back to her den, which is both harmful and unnecessary.

Why You Need Expert Raccoon Removal

Skedaddle offers a range of services to help you drive away raccoons from your property. Some of them include:

Raccoon assessment and removal – Our trained technicians will identify the raccoon entry points inside your house. They’ll inspect all structures and surfaces in your home, as well as flashing, vents, and soffits. If any raccoon nests are found, the experts will proceed with the humane removal using baby boxes to successfully reunite mothers with their babies.

Home clean up and restoration – The strategies Skedaddle uses for raccoon removal are effective, safe and humane. We will clear your home of any material that could cause a contamination or pose a health hazard. Regular clean-up can’t remove all of the raccoon-bared pathogens, which is why professional disinfection is in order. Our technician will assess the situation in your home and advise you to repair the insulation or restore the attic if the contamination is severe.

Raccoon prevention – Skedaddle will protect your property from repeated intrusions. We will inspect your entire home for possible entry points, sealing them with screening. Our company has over 25 years of experience, providing the assistance of technicians who will work effectively to provide humane and efficient raccoon removal services.

Call Skedaddle for Humane Raccoon Removal

Now that you know what an expert pest removal company can do for you, it would be unwise to perform any risky removal of raccoons on your own. If you suspect there are raccoons in your home, Skedaddle will ensure to remove them humanely and suggest proper adjustments to prevent future infestations.

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